What's the best acrylic?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by kittykat28, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. kittykat28
    Hi everyone, Just getting back into Acrylic nail extensions and having trouble finding a really good acrylic powder and liquid thats not too pricey but high performance. Any suggestions welcome. At present I'm using NSI attraction powder and a cheap liquid off ebay.
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  2. hair206
    I use NSI they are really good.
    You shouldnt be using to different brands together as you will not get the best results.
    Get some NSI liquid and buy only from a whole saler and not from ebay!
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  3. blossom
    Ezflow for me having tried lots of others. I found Ezflow after being in business for about 3 years and have never even looked to change since then.
  4. perfectpamper
    Second ezflow ! Love the stuff. And great support from nails and co ! X
  5. xxsarahj25xx
    Young nails are fab! They do dirt cheap trial kits too, so if you dont like them you havnt lost an arm and a leg, hth xx

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  6. shazapoppy
    I used NSI and liked it until I did a young nails conversion and love love love it. I would defo get the trial kit and give it a go.xx
  7. Maz101
    I like NSI and have to agree, you shouldn't mix powders and liquids as you won't get the best performance as they are not made to work together, plus if a cheap liquid from eBay you have no idea what's in it, which isn't good for you or your clients.
  8. kerri-louise
    Cnd is the best liquid & powder without a doubt! I wouldn't use any other!
  9. Glamma
    Is entity any good. This is what we use at college.

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  10. Nail Junkie
    I'm with Kerri - Louise. CND is fantastic. Great products, great training, well known and sells itself :)
  11. Rhiannon1408
    I use CND and I love it. After starting with a cheaper brand I changed to CND and could feel the difference instantly, fantastic high quality product
  12. Dol
    Entity is a lovely product.
  13. Cutesteph
    CND all the way and you definitely shouldn't mix liquids and powders
  14. Jojo@salongeek
    You will be having problems mixing different brands of products! Don't buy stuff like that off eBay, you can't be exactly sure it is what it says on the tin!! I only ever buy things like glitter, foil & beads off eBay. If your using NSI powder already why not spend a few more quid than your eBay special & use the matching monomer so you can offer a complete system which is more professional & you will start getting better results! Hope my input helps slightly x
  15. Wellyb
    It's got to be a huge no using eBay Hun. I agree get some nsi monomer
  16. 'chelle
    It depends what you want out of your acrylic. Do you want a high performance product, or a cheap product? The two dont go together. If you want to create decent nails that you can justify charging salon prices for I would suggest you invest in a more decent product, CND is a very good one, its the one I use.
  17. zm85
    I have used CND for the last 7-8 years now so I'm maybe biased towards them as i haven't used anything else but have always had great results and think the products are worth every penny!
  18. izzidoll
    Asking a question like what is the best acrylic, will not really get you a definitive answer.
    We are all going to tell you that the one WE use is the best ;) !

    There are a lot of premium brands out there, CND, EzFlow, and Harmony are 3 I have used and have found them all excellent for ease of application and longevity. EzFlow took a bit of getting used to as it is a different mix ratio liquid to powder from CND I was used to, so I would always advise doing a Conversion Course before switching systems.

    NSI is not a system I have ever got to grips with, I don't know why but I tried it and just didn't like it, but I know lots of geeks get great results from it. Maybe if you start with it it is fine, but having used CND first I definitely felt I was downgrading when I tried NSI....sorry just my personal opinion.

    So although we may not all agree on what is the best acrylic (L&P)!system we do all agree that you should not mix systems !
    Use the full system for whatever brand you choose for optimum results...and your Insurance cover ;) and buying Professional products from Fleabay is a definite no no too.
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  19. kittykat28
    Thank you everyone for ALL your advice it is much appreciated. The ebay liquid is going straight in the bin and I think CND will be my new system of choice judging by all your recommendations.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you xx
  20. perfectpamper
    Your welcome :) and the geek is cnd's biggest promoting tool ! X

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