Where can I find grey hair extensions

Discussion in 'Hair' started by faithywoo, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. faithywoo
    Hi all as the name suggests i'm looking to find some salt and pepper gray hair extensions. I hope one of you knowledgeable people can help :biggrin:
  2. MirandaMiranda
    i was wanting grey clip in extensions as i have black hair and they wud look fab!!!!

    miranda x
  3. Tomtomrow
    OMG grey and black I need to see this! Maybe colour some?
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  4. MirandaMiranda
    id love some grey extensions,they wud look ab fab in my black hair!!!

    cud ya colour some to grey?

    miranda x
  5. Momobile hair Unqualified
    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Love this idea! Yes im sure they could be coloured :Love:
  6. AmberExt
    Ive just seen hairportbyvalentine (hair port extensions) post a colour chart on facebook & #51 looks pale ashy grey & #44 looks charcoal, theres also a violet grey one but I can't make out the #

    Hope thats of use x

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  7. mau5fan
    Verlocke, SoCap
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  8. Tomtomrow
    I want to see grey and black extensions! Photos? Lol
  9. MirandaMiranda
    ive ordered some silver clip in extensions,they look grey/silver

    so once they arrive ill take some photos :)

    im gona av a go at colouring some too and put them on me training head :)
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    I saw a lady in Middleton today with pure white hair in a long straight ponytail, and it looked lovely. Her hair was in good condition with silvery bits in:)
  11. MirandaMiranda
    my clip in extensions came and i love them,lenth of my hair is my natural length ;):lol: here is a photo they are named as silver but ya cn see they grey in them a love them xxx

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