Which acrylic brand is best?

Discussion in 'Ask a pro' started by Lauren1702, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Lauren1702
    Hello everyone,
    I am just wanting to do acrylic nails on myself, (I can't afford £34 a time at a salon) I've watched so many videos on YouTube of how to do things and I've practised a lot on myself with very cheap stuff, I am in no way good or at a professional standard but it's good enough for myself haha, I'm just wondering what is a good brand of acrylic? Price isn't a big issue as it will be saving me money long term, I like the look of the edge system and the NSI attraction system
    Any reviews of other acrylic systems are welcome along with any hints and tips,
    Thank you in advance :) x
  2. ciderella71
    Lauren I'm afraid your asking salon owners advice on how to do your own nails and help us lose clients and income.

    This is a professional forum and most of us have spent thousands on education and professional products.

    The only advice you're likely to receive is to either have your nails done professionally or train to do them properly and safely yourself.
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  3. Lauren1702

    That wasn't my intention at all, I'm just trying to say that a lot of people can't afford to actually get their nails done at a salon me being one of them, I am a student living by myself paying all my bills and can't get a job as my as my course is full time, doing my nails myself would save me a lot of money.
    I can see where you are coming from and I'm sorry for the offence
  4. ciderella71
    I'm not offended at all just explaining why nobody here would explain the procedures.
    It's also for your own safety and to protect you from over exposure to chemicals and allergic reactions
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  5. Fisou
    Hi Lauren,

    I think pretty much everyone here is with Cinderella. However, I'd add the following: Think about why you want to do acrylics on yourself. Every nail product has a specific application/client need. Why not learn how to take care of your natural nails and use natural nail products which are much more affordable. Basic hand and nail care is pretty cheap and going in for a natural mani is waaaay more affordable than trying to do your acrylic nails at home.

    The long story short is, there is a reason why it costs money, and it doesn't stop and the time and money we have invested in our educations. It covers the products we use, the ongoing education we take, the insurances, the responsibility we take when caring for someone else's hands and nails. Sure, your nails are your own. This is just food for thought!
  6. ciderella71
    I was thinking earlier today that if you could manage to afford a course or get help to fund it during term break then you could do your own nails and also make money doing others too......
    Just a thought!
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  7. asteropi
    Not to mention, professional nail brands wouldn't sell their products to someone without proper qualifications.
    But ciderella's thought is actually pretty good. I always tried something new during holidays while I was studying
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  8. Tb123
    Nsi is good ive heard from many reviews. I think thats the brand ill try. Try it, im doing the same thing. Doing my nails is relaxing and i never visited a salon anyways. So anyone thinking youre getting cheated, you arent. Youre clients like to be pampered. I like doing for myself. Not trying to offend, but i wouldnt pay yall with those attitudes anyways. I give info out on my career every day. If the people come back cool, if not i hope i helped in some way. And how can anyone know if they want to do this if they try and are frustrated with crappy products. You say take a course, maybe she, like i, wants to see if were capable/or enjoying doing nails first before we invest time and money. Lets be a little more considerate to others. Makes me want to start my own mobile business and take the nasty peoples money.
  9. ciderella71
    Nobody has been nasty.

    You'd be unable to gain insurance for your "mobile business" and be unable to purchase most professional products from authorised distributors as you aren't qualified.
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  10. Struckbyastar
    You also learn bad habits that, when you try to train, take double or triple the time to get rid of because you've been doing them that way for so long. No one is being nasty but we've trained hard and parted with a lot of hard earned cash to call ourselves nail techs. You would never tell your dentist or doctor that you can do as good a job at a lot cheaper, or build a house by yourself to save money.
  11. ciderella71
    I've just waited 6 days for root canal treatment and I wish I could have had a go myself lol.
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  12. Biljana
    Honestly have no clue where to start here.
    First of, yes, you are more than free to do your own. There is a whole section of OTC products sold to general population, for that exact purpose, knock yourself out.
    Second, as other have said, it is unprofessional of any trained tech to give advice to non trained population how to use pro only products.
    Lastly, I would like to add just one more thought, if you do manage to get your hands on pro only products, chances are high, that it's an expired lot, possibly a fake, and no matter how hard you feel you have watched all those YouTube how-to-videos, you will get frustrated and want to punch a wall, cause darling, some nail systems (acrylic/gel) take time to master. That is working on someone else hands!
    Chances are you will damage your nails, the finished results will not last and in the end you will have wasted time, money and be telling the world how acrylic ruined your nails.
    Best of luck!

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