which brand of acrylic is the best

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Sharny, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Sharny
    Hi i am about to offer Acrylic nails to my list and just wondered which is the best Acylic system to use and why, so i don't have to waste money shopping around. Any advice greatly received.
  2. naturalnails
    Which brand have you been trained in - are you not happy with it. There are lots of brands out there which have fantastic reputations - Creative, EZ Flow, Entity to name a few.

    If you put these names into the search on here you will find loads of threads with information.
  3. izzidoll
  4. Kim Lawless
    Creative. HTH's . xxx
  5. sparklybits
    Sharn the best thing I can suggest is the same as Issydoll or why not call a few companys and see what they offer on a small trial kit that means you get to have a little play with the product:hug:
  6. blossom
    Ezflow. hth x
  7. loubylou
    I would advise to get some training from creative unless you already have and then use creative products,
    clients that know what they want from nails tend to choose creative products and creative technicians,
    all my clients had already heard of creative but had not heard of the other companies hth
  8. becca boo
    call around before you make your decision everyone will say you should pick the one they use. I used creative for years but recently switched to young nails i was so impressed with there techniques, new styles in acrylic art, colors, I was given a free sample of both kinds of powders to try out their product, amazing education, wonderful customer service, rep from other techs, workability, the starter kit was unbelievable for the price, it was one of the best choices i have made. The biggest reason the innovation of techniques and education

    Acually I was so impressed by yn that for my students we have what is called a student day of sucess where different lines of all asspects of the industry come and do demos and i invited the rep who lives 5 hours from here to come and with days replied yes I cant wait

    Just pick the one that works the best for you and has what you want a line to offer

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