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Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Lydiax, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Lydiax
    Hi everyone,

    I'm booking a spray tan course soon but not sure which is best. If I do a generic course can I use brands like sienna x and suntana? Or if I do a branded course would I be able to use a different brand in future?

    Thanks x
  2. celbra86
    I'm after the same info too. I think once you can spray tan you adapt to each tan, may be wrong thou. Where are you doing your training? X
  3. Lydiax
    Do you have to pay to adapt to each one? Think I might just do the siennna x one, seems to be good and you get the kit xx
  4. fluffycloudland
    I'm training with Ellisons a week on Monday, it's with st Tropez but I've assumed that I can buy any brand after I've got my certificate.
  5. Karin Lou
    Hi I did a generic course and can use any brand, but I believe that if you go with a company you are only qualified to use their products.
    Hope this helps
  6. donnamich
    It doesnt matter which course you do, you can use any solution. All training is pretty much the same, so i would say just do whichever is closer to you. I chose Nouvatan to train with as the trainer came to my home and done 121 xx

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