Which shampoo for Hair Extensions?

Discussion in 'Ask a pro' started by FlybyNight, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. FlybyNight
    Can anyone in the know, recommend an easily obtainable shampoo to use with the fusion (glued in) extensions. I know you have to be careful that they dont have silicone in them or alcohol, but that greatly reduces the choice. I could see me taking hours looking on all the bottles in the local Boots and hairdressing salons........:eek:
  2. ZOE!
    Ive just had extensions put in, and i use the bed head self absorbed shampoo and conditioner. My hairdresser said this is for hair extensions and normal hair. Its great but only available fro hairdressers i think.
  3. FlybyNight
    Thanks for that Zoe!! Will be looking out for a stockist around my little town.
  4. pippadoodle
    I had hair extensions in my fringe and was told not to use anything with protein in. I used the racoon shampoo and conditioner specially for extensions. You can get from salons. Karen xx
  5. tink18
    iv gt extensions in and had them in 5/6 times and can use any shampoo and conditioner on my hair because the hair is real however being a hairdresser i don't use off the shelf products because of some of the stuff they contain so i use Clynol Salon Exclusive from warehouses
  6. FlybyNight
    I have european hair in mine. I dont want to ruin the bonds. Silicone is a no-no, especially when they are taken out and reused - apparently the hair can slide out of the bonds. Cant get Racoon shampoo anywhere - even where they do Racoon extensions (!!!:rolleyes: - I wonder why?). Just want something that will leave my hair nice and shiny.....
  7. tink18
    European hair is what i have in 16 inch blonde ones and have always used Clynol products no bonds have come out (unless iv gt bored and messed with them lol) and you can get all the products from Dennis Williams. HTH :)
  8. xniceyloux
    well said zoe! i loveeeeeeeee bed head products...great for hair extensions...using racoon shampoo in my opinion is just another way to get you to spend money i have worn and fitted extensions for well over a year now and never lost any strands due to the shampoo i have used in the list of extensions i have worn includes racoon !:eek:
  9. ZOE!
    I have the racoon hair extensions in, and my salon does sell the racoon shampoo and conditioner. But i have been using self absorbed for a while now and my hair is soft and conditioned. I have not had any problems at all and was told it is safe on extensions. I also use bed head ego boost on the ends. The range is fab!.
  10. xniceyloux
    i agree chick i also use the shining spray its great!! :Love:
  11. Rose143
    I use Alterna Shampoo called Caviar which is about £23.00 for a 350ml bottle and the conditioner costs about the same but this is ideal for Hiar Extensions and coloured hair! A little goes a very long way and your hair feels like silk!

  12. angel fingers
    would baby shampoo be any good, its very mild.
  13. Beautiful Manes
    I am a Hair Extension Technician and I can confirm that you will be perfectly ok using Herbal Essence. Basically you can use any shampoo that is kind, do not use Pantene as it coats the hair and can coat the bonds and do not use head and shoulders coz it strips the hair and damages the bonds.

    Because the hair extension hair is dead and not getting the nutrients of your body it needs feeding with conditioner, but only apply it to the midlength to end of your hair and not on the bonds, again Herbal Essence is fine.
  14. justbonds
    You're best to use a PH friendly shampoo and conditioner that won't be harsh on your extensions. I know it seems a chore but just aim for your more natural, gentle products as opposed to the harsher ones.

    Pureology is amazing though it's difficult to get in the UK. I hope to be stocking some soon but if you do a search on Google you'll find it. Great stuff! x
  15. faye_lauryn
    Just speaking from recent experience....I had real Remi hair extensions fitted with Keratin bonds (like a wax bond) It is helpful to know what your bonds are actually made from for example; Racoon hair extensions use Resin bonds. Now, with my bonds I am restricted as to which shampoos I can use.... I have been told to use Fruit extract Free and Wheat Germ free shampoos. I experiment with Herbal Essences and Head and Shoulders and my bonds slipped out so I am having to pay for extra maintenance this evening (my hair has cost me roughly 400 this month and using the wrong shampoo has added to this ghastly cost!!!), I lost over 20 extension bonds in a week, absolutely gutting! So... my advice is check what your bonds are made from, DIFFERENT RULES APPLY.
    Good Luck Girlies
  16. Tammy BTN
    I do extensions and i've been wearing then for about 2 years.
    on a budget - Sunsilk - £1.77 and usually bogof available everywhere tesco etc.

    My starter pack i include in salon - Clynol Moisture shampoo, colour protect deep conditioner and balance spray in moisture.

    Infratreat returcture spray is fab. The fine hair one gives your hair loads of body too from Ellisons

    Also like the Osmo moisture range too.

    I've tried pretty much every shampoo available from the wholesalers/salon...
    I have a room upstairs aka "the Pink Room" with 4 crates of hair products. Hubby stopped complaining last year because i kept telling him it was "research" lol... :green:
  17. josephine_lol
    i had extensions fitted 3 weeks ago
    european remi hair

    the hair has gone all ratty & knotty already
    what conditioner/shampoo can revitalise them?
    i dont want my hair to look fake.
  18. minky

    Hi these links may help :hug: x minky

  19. southernbelle81

    I'm getting hair extensions soon, the fusion method and she told me i would be fine to use Loreal shampoo's and conditioners. Don't know if this helps :)
  20. Tammy BTN

    If it was 3 weeks ago i'm afraid i doubt very much it european remi hair that was used....
    Probably Euro hair - european style but which is actually of asian origin.

    I've had mine go like that in the past when i'm test running new suppliers and it doesn't turn out to be what it "says on the tin",

    1, have them trimmed - some of my clients don't need any work done on the bonds at their 6 week maintenance but a proper razored trim through the layers and the ends almost makes them look brand new again. You only need about 1cm off to acheive it. No amount of conditioner is going to fix bad hair

    2, a moisturising shampoo. bargain - Sunsilk - it's about 70p but it's fab on hair extensions. Moisturises and doesn't leave a residue. Either the yellow or peach coloured bottle. Splash out - Clynol moisture.

    3, a conditioner through the lengths. I'm using Aussie 3 min miracle at the mo. Not a salon brand but it works really well,

    4, are rinsing the conditioner thoroughly blot dry with a towel and use a salon standard restructure spray. Can be used on wet or dry hair.
    Section hair and dry.

    5 decent brush. I've tried laods of extensions brushes but always come back to the Trevor Sorbie wooden handled bristle brush.
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