Which spot treatments actually work?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Sal, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. Sal
    Hi all

    At the moment I am getting quite a few spots on my chin - they all get squeezed because I just can't leave them alone! However I know that I am picking at them too much and causing scarring. I have freckles which help to hide marks but I want to stop picking!

    Do any of you have a tried and trusted spot treatment that you can recommend to me?

    I'd preferably like one that you apply when a spot first starts to appear, to prevent it from getting to that stage when it's ready to squeeze!

    Thanks in advance x
  2. Deb379
    Hi there
    Go to your chemist and ask them, my daughter suffers from spots at the moment and she recommended benzyl peroxide 2.5 it does come in stronger strengths, so far my daughter is very impressed with it.,

  3. Hollyballoo
    Have you tried Clinique's Blemish Gel? I think that's the name of it - A friend loaned me hers a while ago and it definitely cleared them up double-quick and also prevented one that was definitely planning on taking centre stage across my chin - nice :(.
  4. nailfairy
    Quinoderm 10mg also has Benzolin peroxide. they do a 5mg but i found the 10 cleared mine up in a day or two
  5. nik
    clinique blemish gel is the business also liz earle cleanse and polish - don't get half as many spots since using this.
  6. Hollyballoo
    That's really true Nikkie - I recently started up with my Eve Lom Cleanser which is the same principle (with the muslin cloth) and I have to agree, it does help to prevent those blemishes creeping up on you.
  7. Sal
    Can't afford cleansers at the higher priced end of the market unfortunately ladies, closest I get to them is drooling over them during my regular window shopping trips to Space NK!!! As soon as I can afford I will definitely use them.

    Thanks for all the tips so far. I did have the clinique blemish treatment a couple of years ago and did rate it so maybe thats the one to try now. Although the creams from the chemists might be cheaper.

    Keep the recommendations coming xxx
  8. Sassy Hassy
    Blimey I remember using Quinoderm on my spots when I was a teenager!!
  9. michelle-d
    the best thing to use is pure tea tree oil!!
  10. Sal
    I was wondering about this - and it's nice and cheap from Superdrug!
  11. nailfairy
    i found when i used tea tree oil it aggravated mine and made them worse! I have very sensitive skin though :rolleyes: have to watch everything i put on mine, Quiniderms only about £2.
  12. Sal
    Thanks Nailfairy, I think I'll go to the chemist tomorrow and ask about Quinoderm.
  13. Lily
    Hiya sally

    Hive of Beauty Spot on Blemish Gel, it's fab, herman has used it!!!!!!! We stock it too!!!!
    pm me if you need any info

  14. Little Angel

    dermalogica special clearing booster
  15. Bagpuss
    hiya , quinoderm is very good but just a word of warning, it does say this on the instructions but i didn't bother to read it....it will bleach your towels...i had a brand new set of towels and flannels and didn't rinse my hands properly after using wiped my hands and thought nothing more, then a few hours later i noticed bleach marks on my lovely new towel and still didn't make the connection. A week later after washing all my towels every single one apart from the bath towels had bleach marks on. ruined.......my own fault.

  16. Bagpuss
    oh also, sorry i forgot this, i will probably get screamed at here but i once read that a famous person used nail varnish remover on her spots and they cleared up, so i had a second head appearing on my chin and went to grab my nail varnish remover but grabbed my scrub freah instead, i used a little on a cotton bud and went to bed, next day completely gone !!! now when ever i feel a monster attack thats what i use. SCRUB FRESH..... ok you can all scream at me know ..... he he xxx
  17. Lily
    OMG, if it bleaches your towels what on earth does it do to your skin???

  18. Bagpuss
    my thoughts exactly !!!!
  19. MINKUS
    Tea Tree also for me. The Australian Body care range.

    Its marvellous, one of those things i always have in the cupboard and take away on hols etc - fab for sunburn.
  20. bimbogeri
    I've just started using the Biore range so will let you know how I get on. The Warming Blackhead Cleanser is fabby and leaves your skin feeling very clean, but too soon to tell how well they will work in the long run.
    Might have to try out that Scrubfresh trick...
    I find most of my spots, esp in the chin area, are from hormones when my period is due, so remembering to take some evening primrose oil in the week running up to it helps.
    Still have quite a blotchy/patchy forehead though and I don't know why.... it's not even like I have a fringe anymore!!

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