White Chalky Patches on Toe Nails

Discussion in 'Nail' started by littlemiss1t, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. littlemiss1t

    I had a new client come into the salon a few days ago enquiring about Pedicures. She showed me her nudie toes and the top half looked stained ish, even though she said she always used base coat, and she also had patches of White Chalky looking areas. I looked this up in my Beauty book but could not see anything.

    Does anyone know by the sounds of this what it could be and causes?


    Carly x
  2. Envy
    Even with a base coat heavy colours or cheap nail polish's can still cause staining ...

    If the base coat was a nail hardener the white 'chalky' looking areas could be pseudo leukonychia
    - basically dehydration from the over hardening ...

    Doug Schoons nail structure & product chemistry, second edition has lots of good possibles for you on this one...

  3. Sparkle'n'shine
    i also had a client with this. It was just on the two big toes.

    Not too sure what it was


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