Why are my gel nails cracking and breaking?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by crystaltash, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. crystaltash
    Hi everyone.
    Realy really need help. I've been offering the service of everlasting polish in my salon for a few weeks now.
    Most of my clients have had problems with their nails - the gel either cracks or breaks. What is going wrong?

    I use NSI gel and I think I'm doing everything right. The gel seems to stay on clients toes perfectly, but it's a real problem when it comes to their finger nails.
    I'm so down about this, I'm thinking of taking the service off my pricelist. I'm doing a conversion course with nailsforu at the end of the month. Do you think this might help and should I postpone the service until then?
    Thanks very much.
  2. adelekeegan1
    Cracking and breaking is often a sign that you are not building an adequate apex, which is not required on toes.

    If you have not ad any training in gel I would advise you to wait for your course before doing any more - HTH
  3. Leaane.k
    Hi,i think i mite be able 2 help ya..U could be putting ur gel on 2 thick that would cause it 2 crack,or it could be ur topcoat!!It happened me and it was the topcoat..Try putting ur gel on very thin,will take abit longer but well worth it in the end!!!Ya should try a set on 1 of ur friends doin g it very thin and diff topcoat c how ya get on..I would stop doing them till ya get the problem sorted... R they cracking rite away??
    Dear Tasha,

    Can you walk me through the steps and products you use for this service? I might be able to give you some insight, but I need to know everything you are using.
  5. spn01
    Hi Tasha, I have used NSI gel and have had no problems - I do not recommend you take this service off your service menu (why reduce your potential clientelle?) With more practice and a better understanding you will create beautiful gel nails with no service breakdown.

    Fingernails require more shape than toenails, ensure your apex is located half way between the cuticle line and the extension edge and tapers evenly to the cuticle line, side walls and extension edge.
    Make sure you build up/create the enhancement with the clear or blush pink gel - remove inhibition lay and file form and shape - double check - do you require more gel? -
    Once you have the desired form and shape now is the time to apply the coloured gel - 2 thin coats ( there is no strength in the coloured gel - think of it and treat it as if it was an enamel on top of l&p) apply one coat - cure, 2nd coat, cure - remove inhibition layer and apply "glaze n go"

    How about have a go on yourself at building the apex, a well structured gel nail will result in less service breakdown -
    HTH:) - and also make sure the nails are not too long for the activity level of your client.

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