Why did my Gelish chip?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Tan Fairy, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Tan Fairy
    Hi, I had a client come back today who I have just started to treat, she came back because her Gelish has chipped after 10 days, she thinks its because `i only put 2 layers of purple colour on & her previous therapist always painted 3, so has asked to have them done a gain, she will pay just wants it cheaper, as she was disappointed. Can you tell me what I could have done wrong?:eek:
  2. JuicyLucy
    I think if you have other clients that don't get chipping you have done nothing wrong. Some Gelish colours need two coats some three. Either way, it never affects wear.
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  3. Tan Fairy
    Thanks Juicylucy x
  4. GlamourEyes11
    10 days is still good. What would she get with normal polish. ... 2 days?!

    Jeeez some people lol xxx

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  5. VikkiSC
    After that amount of time I would say it is to do with the way she has been treating them - tapping on things or opening cans etc. I repair for free for up to 1 week but after that there would be a charge and I wouldn't discount the next treatment. I might be inclined to put nail art on the accents for no charge but that is all! Trust yourself and your abilities and don't let her take you for a ride! X
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