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Discussion in 'Old Assistance' started by CurlyQs, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. CurlyQs
    Ever since the site was updated (I think the times the blogs were reformatted), I can't see the entire width of the webpages on my screen. I have to scroll back and forth the see the title or a thread and the number of views and replies it's had. Same with reading responses, scrolling back and forth to read every line.

    Is there an adjustment I can make to fix it?
  2. Ruth Mills
    What's the resolution of your monitor? Is it fairly small, e.g. 800 x 600 pixels? Think the site should display OK on anything 1024 pixels wide or bigger...
  3. CurlyQs
    Yes, it is 800x600. It used to be just fine a few months ago and it's only changed on this forum.:rolleyes:
  4. Ruth Mills
    Ah right... have just had a look at the "Edit Options" page, and there does seem to be the ability there to use different "skins" to display the site in. Unfortunately the only one which would probably display OK on 800 x 600 without scrolling is the "Mobile" skin, which gives a much reduced user interface compared with the standard skin.

    Maybe it's something that Mr Geek could look into, e.g. adding a skin for viewing the site on that works for people using 800 x 600 screen resolution?

    I guess it's surprising how many people are using that resolution now, as some of the cheaper "netbooks" you can buy (with fairly small screens) have a max resolution of 800 x 600 - whereas previously it would have only been people with fairly old monitors that would have been using that resolution (as most monitors these days are at least 1024 x 768 or larger)...

    Thanks for the rep, by the way :)
  5. CurlyQs
    I have a flat screen but I guess it is about 5 years old. I wonder why I was I able to view the whole screen properly a few months ago?

    PS. You're welcome:)
  6. Ruth Mills
    Thank you :)

    I think that the site was updated a couple of months ago with more entries in the drop down menu at the top of the page (e.g. I don't think there was a "Blogs" menu before, but it has appeared at the last update). So there's probably more width needed for the extra menu items or something like that...
  7. CurlyQs
    Right, that's when I noticed the difference when the blog menu appeared. I guess I'll just have to be annoyed til I get a new monitor. Thnx!
  8. franjess
    I have an old lap top and I have the same problem but I just click on my PAGE button at the top right hand of my computer, you know where Tools and E-mail and stuff are (dont know much about computer talk or what its called).It pulls up a screen, go down and chick on ZOOM then click on 75%. Thats how I do it and then it fits or can click custom and do what ever percent will fit your screen. :)
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2009
  9. The Geek
    Staff Member
    Yea, sorry about that, but it was getting hard to keep everything in 800 pixels. Very few people run at that low of a resolution anymore so I thought I would force everyone into the 21st century :)
  10. CurlyQs
    Thanks, franjess. I just tried but it made the text a bit small to read.

    And here I thought my flat screen was quite modern! Time for an upgrade.
  11. The Geek
    Staff Member
    Its not the screen, its your resolution.

    In Vista: Right click an empty space on your desktop and choose personalise. Then choose 'Display Settings'

    In older windows: Right Click an empty space on desktop and choose 'properties'

    There will be a slider bar labeled 'resolution' that you can adjust. Don't go OTT though :)
  12. CurlyQs
    I meant that I thought a fancy flat screen would have better (more up to date) resolution. I guess in computer years it is way old even though it 'looks' new. I did try changing the resolution, but it wouldn't let me slide past 800 x 600 (not even an opportunity to go OTT) which made me assume that's the best resolution of my monitor. Thanks for the help:)
    PS. I think the updates are great even though it will cost me a new monitor to enjoy them;)
  13. Ruth Mills
    What make and model are your monitor? There's a chance that it might be the graphics driver on Windows rather than your monitor... worth a try anyway...
  14. franjess
    You can also choice custom at bottom (farther down on the zoom) and type in what % you need for yours
  15. CurlyQs
    It is a Dell. The model name shown on the monitor is: 1504FP. Thx.
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  16. Ruth Mills
    According to the Dell website, your monitor should do a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768, Documentation

    So I'm wondering if it's a graphics driver issue with Windows. Can you try reducing the refresh rate in the display options and see if that gets you a higher max resolution?
  17. CurlyQs
    Wow, I am feeling a little dim right now! I noticed the slider was at the far left (lowest resolution) but it wouldn't move to the right. I changed the colour quality to medium and then presto, it allowed me to change the resolution to the far right! I put colour quality back at 'high' and it still works. Thanks so much!!! So kind of you to do all that checking for me, Ruth.:hug:
  18. Ruth Mills
    Bingo! Thought it might be something to do with the graphics driver. Q.E.D. :)
  19. franjess
    Thanks Ruth this help me too I did same thing. I Have a Toshiba
  20. Ruth Mills
    Ah cool, fantastic stuff! I'd guess that the vast majority of flat screen monitors would be at least 1024 x 768, especially given the time that they were first brought out (around the millennium) when most graphics cards had enough memory to do at least that resolution.

    The exception these days though being the new generation of "mini-notebooks", e.g. the Asus Eee-PC, some of which only have an 800 x 600 screen.

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