'Y' Eyelash Extensions

Discussion in 'Skin' started by gem.1, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. gem.1

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with 'Y' eyelash extensions? I've had them myself and love the look but worried about using them on clients as they are quite heavy and thick.
    Thanks x
  2. flirties
    You are right they are obviously a lot heavier than the single lashes but if you use the appropriate adhesive (dont use the one for semi permanent lash extensions as that would be too strong) and make your client aware that they have to be taken off after a few days you should be fine.

    they tend to give a more dramatic effect and can be useful when your client has got gaps in the natural lash line ....
    hth :hug:
  3. lauramakeupart
    i've used them and they are fab. I gt them from lash emporium and they are greatxx
  4. bearyd84
    Can i be nosey and ask what glue you use with them as im looking for a good glue for them
  5. lauramakeupart
    no probs huni, I used the glam lash glue (black) and infact I didn't use Y lash it was w! lol and they are lovely. It says on pack they are designed for people with lashes that arent as thick as other peoples and also that they are lightweight enough too:) they aren't anywhere near as big as just say for instance ardell cluster lashes.xx
  6. bearyd84

    thanks, might give them a try
  7. lauramakeupart

    thw w is lovely> i currently have the 13mm, they are too long for some people but if someone has pretty long lashes I use them mainly on the outer corners, im hoping to get some smaller ones in so I can do different sizes, shapes etc, pm me if you need any help xx
  8. cathill
    I use y lashes i mix them with single ones or sometimes just use the y lashes they look fab and i use the same glue they are not a cluster lash these are way too heavy to use with the semi glue.
  9. Pamper&Polish
    So the Y and W lashes are applied like semi permenants? with the same glue? or are they like the cluster lashes? x
  10. angelina221
    Yes the 'Y' and 'W' lashes are applied to fill in any gaps. Personally, i can't stand the 'Y' lashes. They tend to break as you are taking them off the strip :irked:
    You use the same glue as you would for semi-permanent lashes. They aren't as heavy as cluster lashes so are fine for that glue.
    They are just a pain so i make my own 'Y' lashes :)
  11. Ruthlm
    could I ask how you apply these, I know what a Y lash is but not a w, but am guessing it might be a lash that splitts into 3???? might be way off?? how are theese attached onto 1 lash??
  12. flirties
    Its not actually a lash split into 3 its actually 3 extensions glued together as a W or cluster which means you have triple the weight to a normal extension. For Y, W and cluster lashes you would need a different adhesive as the one for the semi permanent lash extensions (singles) is far too strong and will ruin the natural lash.

    Single lash extensions are meant to have a long lasting bond while all other extensions like Y, W and cluster lashes have to be removed far earlier as they dont last that long and using the stronger adhesive and / or leaving the extensions on too long would damage the natural lash if not even lead to premature loss of lashes so it is best to stick with the adhesives that are specifically designed for these multiple lashes and remove them in time to avoid any problems and / or damage and it is vital that you inform your client about the different extension types and time scales to avoid frustration and disappointment.

    Hth :hug:
  13. cathill
    Y lashes are no where near as heavy as a cluster lash I USE THE SAME GLU BUT I REMOVE THEM AFTER 2 WEEKS always explain to clients difference between them . I would never use the semi glu with a cluster lash they are far too thick and heavy.
  14. lauramakeupart
    yeah me too I love them! I'm surprised more people don't use them xx
  15. Ruthlm

    Ah I see, I was wondering how they would be applied during the application of the semi permenant, didnt realise they were for use with the weekend lash kind of applications, man I have got smoke coming out my ears today with all these EE things running through my head lol, learned something new about the semi perm EE and bridging gaps as well, although wont be trying anything like that untill I am a bit more confident, luvin salon geek! x
  16. TweezerHappy
    This is the first I've heard that Y and W lashes shouldn't be used with regular semi permanent adhesive. If you have .1 Y lashes, this are the same weight as .2.

    I don't use them as I don't like them.
  17. lauramakeupart
    I was under the impression they were ok to use with this glue as they are not as heavy as clusters. I thought about this too but I really think the hairs individually on the y or w are finer than regular ones x
  18. angelina221
    Well i trained with Nouveau and they use the 'Y' lashes with semi-permanent glue. I'm sure if they damaged the lashes then Nouveau wouldn't teach it.
    They also tell you how to make your own 'Y' lashes, again using semi-permanent glue.
    They are one of the top companies and i'm sure they wouldn't say it's ok to use this glue if it in any way damaged the lashes.
  19. lauramakeupart
    yeah I agree, they don't seem heavy, wow making your own! that would be fiddly!xx

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