Your set ups. I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

Discussion in 'Business' started by nikkisbeauty, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Unique Nails09
    Yes, it was the pic of your lovely room I was commenting on :)

    Its really hard to get it looking right - I spent hours agonizing where to place this and where to hang that - when I set up my little room. Its great to have your own space and put your personality into it - clients love the personal touch.

    Look forward to seeing more pics xxx
  2. R D Beauty
    My lovely Hubby did this for me today just some finishing touches to make x

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  3. Helen v
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  4. loobylou22
    would be lovely to see more of your rooms. Im just setting mine up atm. I love having a nosey.xx
  5. mdnaples
    Beautiful Salon :) Just love your desk where did u get that from ?
  6. mdnaples

    Love Love this room !!!! Beautiful and Fresh and love the Wal Art ! U have a light aqua colored desk where is that from ?
  7. mad moo
    Here's mine it's fairly new but I love it!!!

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  8. Kerrymarie
    aw it looks lovely!! :) well done xx
  9. meechnails
    Ahhh mad moo that looks beautiful!! Loving the wall paper!! Where's it from??
    Good luck xx
  10. Karen Minx
    Its the light blue peanut shaped desk from Ikea. I bought the table top alone for about £25 then chose my own legs in black for about £2 each! Ikea also sell plastic trays which attach to the legs and swing under the table neatly. I have 4 of these. 2 on each side for tools, tips and new files. :)
    I will try and take more pics this week of the table close up, and because my room has changed again slightly! :lol:
  11. Karen Minx
    Beautiful! :)
  12. Katelisa
    I've just redecorated in the last few weeks. :) I love having a nice fresh new room. The cupboards are kitchen wall units from b&q. Cost quite alot, but I love having everything clean and streamlined!

    I'm in the middle of a field ATM, signal strength won't let me look at everyone else's pics. But I will do when I'm home. :D

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  13. mad moo
    The wallpaper is from next! It's lovely I saw it and then designed the room around it!!! Tried to make my boyfriend put it up in the bedroom too but he was not having any of it!!! ;)
  14. mad moo
    Also karenminx where did you get your stencil from it's fab around the door!!!?? ;)
  15. Claire83
    I love the wallpaper, it's gorgeous. Where did you get your wall stencil from (is that what it is, behind the gorgeous chair?)
  16. mad moo
    Hi thankyou very much I got the stencil from ikea, cheap I think it looks good on the wall I was worried it wouldnt but once I figured it out like a jigsaw it was quite easy ;)
  17. Karen Minx
    Fleebay! :) Its a wall art sticker and just rubs onto the wall from the backing sheet. x
  18. sighthound
    Here is my home salon. I am in Christchurch, New Zealand and we have had so many earthquakes recently that I am forever cleaning up...have had to try and blue tack many things down :)
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  19. MissJulesBeauty
    I am based in an Indoor Market Mall - Here is my little Salon x

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  20. pinkknailss
    soooo lovely!

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