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Thats better, they are lush! I have officially thrown my teddies out the pram I AM NOT COMPETING WITH YOU!!!!!
lmao off hayls...."oh these old things ....oh they are just a little something I threw together !!! "
:D :eek:
as if !!!
Took me bloomin hours lol,

You better had compete mrs !,
I wasnt going to compete in the easter one..but did and came 2nd so GO FOR IT :hug:
Wow ems, Now im embarrassed about mine. Em your work just keeps improving my god girl you blowing me away lol
Blimey!!! These are amazing!!! I aim to be as good as you!!! Wouldn't even know where to start!!!
~Emmsybabes~, can I ask you what blend have you used for nail beds here?The colour is just beautiful!!!
i was thinking the same thing vanish,whats you secret?x
they are just amazing emma.your smile lines and those flowers are just perfect.xx

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