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additives with bubbles

additives with bubbles

ohhh love these!!! may I ask how you created the bubbles? My guess dotting tool and cleanse/dsperse or something like that? I want to go and try this now to see if that works, but maybe in the morning lol.
How long after dotting on the d-sperse did you topcoat please ? Do you have to wait around for the d-sperse to dry/evaporate ? x
Still trying to get this effect lol, although i'm using Gelish and cleanse so that may be the issue, may I just ask to clarify..
1. colour cure
2. apply additive to inhibition layer
3. with dotting tool dip into d-sperse and dot onto the additive on the nail
Is this correct? Sorry to be a pain x
Yep, for a backing colour i've found light colours like cream puff or romantique (French white, light cream pink) work best to make the bubble stand out.
I've since done the pattern effectively with a fine point brush too. x

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