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IPL Sienna hair removal machine with Medical CE

New Super Twins Spot -- IPL Sienna(Medical CE)

They are used to epilate undesired body hair for a large size body with 16 x 57mm spot size, and to do skin rejuvenation and discoloration treatments with 8 x 34mm normal spot size.

The system console contains the running modules and the computer system. The computer system has embedded microprocessors that monitor and controls the system continuously. The operating interface consists of an 8.4 inch LCD touch screen, key power switch and emergency shut off knob. System work programs, energy level and pulse duration parameters can be set manually in the operating interface. The treatment handles which are manually operated, house the mechanisms that generate the intense pulse light and the light guide.

1. 2 handle pieces for different treatment with big spot.
2. 8.4 in touch-screen eith English language.
3. Circuit parts and watr tank are separate, safer.
4. Integrative water tank with air-proof lid.
5. Modulization design, easy for component changing and machine cleaning
6. Exact energy controlling system makes it safer for various types of skin.
7. Low temperature cooling system makes it more effective and comfortable.

Permanent hair removal, acne, speckle, vascular removal and skin rejuvenation etc.

Technical Specifications
Light type: Intense Pulse Light
Wavelength: SR: 560nm-1200nm HR: 690nm-1200nm
Light guide: Crystal optical system
Pulse duration: 20—149.7ms
Pulse rate: ≤1P/2S
Spot size: SR: 8× 34mm HR: 16 x 57mm
Cooling system: closed water cooling & semi-conductor cooling
Dimension: 705×450×350mm
Weight: 30kg
Power: AC 220V±10%, 3A, 50Hz AC110±10%, 3A, 50Hz

Email: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
Skype: sincoheren18
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