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LED PDT Skin rejuvenation devices

This LED skin rejuvenation device is a latest and advanced hi-tech photo dynamic product. It belongs to Light-Emitting Diode Technology. It can remit 3 different color light (red, blue and the mixed) to treat different skin problem.

Work principle:
The purity of 99% LED photo-biological light acts on the target skin. The heat produced by PDT (Photo Dynamic Technology) raises the activity of the cells and accelerates their metabolism.

Red light: The red lights are shot at the pigmented lesions and abnormal tiny blood vessels with a purpose to rejuvenate and whiten the skin, remove discolored spots, reduce acne and recover the injured skin.

Blue light: The blue lights inhibit inflammation, kill acne bacillus and reduce the chance of acne formation.

Mixed light: The mixed lights of red and blue improve the microcirculation with a purpose to produce collagen and elastin by irritating fibrinogen and make them rearranged. So, the mixed lights can remove wrinkle, lift the face, and enhance skin elasticity. It can also improve sleep quality, get rid of tiredness and alter the coarse and dark tone of the skin.

Technical specification

Light source LED photobiology light
Out put Wavelength Red: 640nm±5nm
Blue: 415nm±5nm
Spot size: 350*240mm
Surface temperature of treatment head ≤400C
Output volt 80mw/cm
input power 220V 50Hz 或110V 60Hz
Size 630*245*560mm
weight: 12.5kg

This lamp is very effective on skin care and skin refresh,like the wrinkle removal, skin whiting, skin tightening, acne removal etc. So if you need such devices in your salon or your home, pls contact me.

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