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Mary - small nail beds

Mary - small nail beds

These nails would be a challenge for the best most experienced nail techs and certainly not for a beginner. The result is as one would expect ... not very nice and not even an improvement in my opinion. These nails need a makeover and opaque powders.

It is advisable not to challenge yourself at this stage of your learning with misshaped and deformed nails.

New Doctors don't start with brain surgery and new nail techs should not start with nails like this either. It is discouraging and saps confidence.
Thanks for your comments Geeg. I agree 100%. I didn't like the finish on them either. TBH I didn't think the job I did was all that bad, but I agree with little steps.
Thanks again, I want to be the best, maybe I'm trying to run before I can walk. x

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Day 2's CND Foundation homework & training sets :)
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