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  • Hi Hayley..I havnt been in all day today and unsure when i was last on geek. If you can copy the message im sure il be able to help or was it about the velocity from ages ago. Sorry i cant be of more help at the minute :)
    Hi Hayley,

    I have just seen your post regarding make-up. I am currently looking for a make up range, I had decided on Jayne iredale but I am willing to take a look at Krush. Can you send me some info please? linda.keep@hotmail.com

    Many thanks,

    hiya, yes you were!! that is a coincidence! have not yet tried the samples will try them this week and let you know! thanks alot for your help. x
    Hi Hayley... re. the Almondine colour in the Krush range. Almondine is for olive (green) tones and is similar to Mocha (which is for pink tones). For instance, I use Mocha when I don't have a tan and Almondine when I do...

    All the Krush foundations will, to some extent, blend with your natural undertones. Almondine was only released about 6 months ago and is fast becoming one of our more popular shades here. I hope that helps.
    Hi There Hayley and welcome to the wonderful world of vani-t !! Let me know if you need anything or any help xx Kassy
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