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  • I rang them today and there is a course starting on the 22nd March, I just need to see if I can swap a few days in work. I really hope so!!!
    Thanks, its all a bit daunting, but I am determined that I am going to do this!!! I must admit, I am really excited though, and can't wait to get started!!! xxx
    Hey Laura,
    Nice to meet you. Send me an invite on Facebook and I'll show you some cool stuff.
    Doug Schoon
    Hi Laura - no we will not be at PB. I can tell you ther new Minx are here and on the S2 website. You cant truly appreciate how cool they are until thgey are 'on'. They are 2 tone and up closde look like tiny tiny dots but away, they glowblack/red - soilver/white - blue/silver etc. I have the opal ones and my toes look like platinum!! Hope this helps. feel free to contact me any time. I check in with SG throughout the week but samantha@sweetsquared.com is the best address to find me 24/7. thamks for the friends request and welcome to salon geek. :hug:
    Me and hubby have a Wednesday off hun. Because we live just down the road from the salon I just go up n down when I have clients in, its handy really. My neice works for me on Fri pm and she does a Sat morn too. Add me on fb hun. Sarah Natale. thers a Natales Beauty and Natales Barbers on fb too. xx
    Ahh thats handy to know. Ye its all about having the money isnt it hun. Do you have a day off in the week hun? x
    Ye hun. Taught myself to do minx. We charge £3o for a full set of p & w. I want to save up and so a conversion for the brisa gel this year. Where to in the town hun? xx
    Its by St Gabriels Church? Or Our Ladys church? Where do u live in Cwmbran hun? Where to in Newport is the salon? xx
    I did a foundation course with Salon Systems in 2005. Picked up the bare minimum with them. Since then i have used Nsi, did a conversion with Young Nails which I love for all their imagination nail art and funky designs, then did a conversion with Creative, and love their products for a natural custom blended enhancements. xxx
    were to is wesley street? this is great i could also do with someone helping me with this site im soo confused lol x
    It would be nice to have a "nail buddy" actually. I`m always doing my own nails. Can never get my "wrong" hand as good. Do you use Creative hun? How much do you charge for a full set?
    Sarah xx
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