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  • Hi Tina, Thanks for the friend request, just thought I would ask, how are you getting on with Brisa and how popular is it as I was thinking of doing the conversion course (only do bio at the moment). thanks so much
    PS you must be a lovely person, kind, caring, intelligent, as we have the same birthday haha x
    Hi, Tina.
    Hope your all well.
    Just bought ACG Avante Garde & Flashing & I 'm loving them....do you know if they do one like Bio Sculpture No 22 Ravashing Red, (kind of a pinky red).?
    lol yea facebook flashes up on my phone but i keep logging onto here to now its so close to the event!! plus ive been really quiet today x
    Hi Tina, I'll be the newbie cowering in the corner at The Event! I'll look out for you! Jo x
    Hi Tina,No, not going to Leeds but let me know how you get on.

    How's it going, I thought from your last post to me that you weren't doing nails as much now.

    How are you getting on with ACG ?

    I find I am doing more Gelish than Bio Sculpture now.
    Hi Tina,

    Hope everyone is still on for Starbucks in Wolsley Place @ 2pm

    Would you like me to pick you up on the way?

    X Michelle
    Hi Tina, Good to hear from you, that sounds great.
    I have had a look at the Chit Chat Forum...which thread is it on....The friendless Geek one????? That sounds like me!

    Where in Woking is it?

    Do you know anyone else that is going?
    When you say you don't do much Shelllac, do you mean you are working less hours now or you have found something else.

    Do you do many Brisa hard gel clients .

    I'm not sure wether the Brisa Lite smoothing gel is just the same as Gelish structure gel.

    I hardly do any B/S now, it is almost all Gelish.
    Hi TinaHope your keeping well.

    What do you think of the Brisa Lite?

    Do you think you will be getting it?

    I think I might

    X Michelle
    Hi Tina, Thanks for your friend request - you are my first friend!! (Don't quite know how this all works lol) Thanks for your kind words :) yours look fab too! Yasmin X
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