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  • Im really annoyed its my fav for hands and 121 for toes :( mind i like the look of the new colour 137.
    I cant wait till im moved im so stressed at the mo.
    Hope your well x x x
    I bought a few Ezflow - Truegel colours which seem really nice to apply, just testing them out on Mum & myself & the moment so let you know how it goes.
    Also some more Gelish colours & Gelicure ( 18 new colours in total)

    I MUST STOP !!!!!
    hi Tina thats great been to John lewis and bought the oily kit so fingers crossed, thanks for lovely comment on pic, my daughter and neice last year, hope your having a lovely weekend x x
    Morning Tina, sorry to ask again but was that the oil/combo mosturiser you used? may pop to town today or tomorrow and buy some, x x
    Hiya, i just looked on the Liz Earl site and they do a try me kit with all the bits in id need but it said for young skin (im 38) is that the same one you recommend hun x x
    Ahh your my new best friend, it was a couple of weeks ago but its a good pic hehe, at the moment im having a nightmare with spotty skin so i guess im feeling like a teenager! where do you live? x x
    Hi Tina,
    You have probably seen this already but just in case.x Michelle

    20-08-12 06:10 AM - permalinkgeeg
    Have you done it yet? Done What you cry?

    Signed on to Sweet Squared to become added to the Salon/business locator!!

    This is a new initiative to help your business be found by those seeking Shellac And Minx services.

    And now your salon or business can be featured on the fab Sweet Squared salon locator site if you do Minx or Shellac.

    Here's what you do to get on it and see your business improve.

    log into sweetsquared.com, go to “My Account” and then click on a link called “Manage my Locator addresses”. This page will set up your account so that it can be displayed on the locators once they go live.

    S2 cannot set this up for you and each customer that wishes to be displayed in the locator must go to this page (at least once) so you can assure your details are correct and that S2 has your permission to display them. If a customer does not do this, they will not appear in the locator sites.

    What are you waiting for?? Go now if you use Minx or Shellac.
    Thank you for your kind words on my pictures. I wouldn't say I'm talented.. but I do try! :) x
    Love all your addative effects.
    Was the mesh one done on un cured Shellac or in the inhibition layer?
    Hi Tina.
    Did you know CND are having a sale?
    Think it starts midnight Sunday.

    Looking forward to seeing you Tues
    X Michelle
    Hi Tina, sorry for the late reply, I am in Addlestone near Weybridge. Thanks for the friend request and am very happy to accept! Fionax
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