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  • Hi Tina. If you go on the sweet squared website then go into CND enhancements, then Brisa gel, then kits and collections and it's the Brisa gel master pack- that's the one you get, it has loads in it :)
    Hope you enjoy the course, I'm sure you'll love using Brisa xx
    Lol, which one? The one where I want to bash my head against something very hard?? :wink2:
    Hi Tina.
    Sorry can't do Wed.
    I can do 12'sh on Mon 21st May or 12'ish Fri 25th May?

    Otherwise it will probably need to be after the Bank Hols as they are short weeks.x
    Thanks for the link for the glitter.
    I have bought pink, orange, green & yellow UV glitter in the 10g puffers.

    I am just trying the UV pink out on my toes first before offering to clients. The puffers are great. A really thin nossel but instead of puffing I tap & it is sooo much less messy.
    Many thanks for recommending.x Michelle
    They didn't seem to have any holographic on that site.

    I know everyone keeps asking me about holographic.

    Have you seen pucchi's home page WOW she has some amazing holographic pics but they are polish & I can't be going backwards...:)
    Hi Tina,
    Hope your all well.
    Just looking at the glitter site you recommended.

    Did you buy any of the puffer 10g pots? Is it worth getting the larger size to get the puffer?

    I'm looking at getting the UV glitters in pink, orange, yellow & green , have you tried those? Do you think it is worth getting yellow & green as not sure if they will be popular or not.

    The Sunset Sparkle looks lovely,do you have that one. I wanted to get one like the Peaches & Cream that Nail Graphixs did.It looked stunning.x
    Great.Thanks for that Tina, did you see the Peaches & Cream one at Nail Graphixs I think it will be popular this summer.

    I just couldn't face the drive to Excel this year so will wait for Olympia.
    Did you get lots when you went?
    Anything new worth looking at?
    Hi Tina, thanks for your reply however I have only just seen it. So you may not get this until you get back! If you do, I am after the silver and the pink glitter gels, but don't worry if its to late. thanks anyway hun :) Donna Watson x
    Hi hun thanks for the pic comment :)
    Im loving Brisa i've just never used a gel before so it is different lol. I love the fact that Brisa do semi sheer pinks which they dont in the powders and i wore 1 nail done by tutor for the week and it felt lovely compared to L&P, very natural feeling but its still feels very hard, not bendy like i thought gels would feel. I had a go at filing it off after reading a post here saying that with it being a buff off system that it put them off. I filed it off on my own hand within minutes it were that easy! I stuggle to do backfill on myself with L&P with all the filing but i think i would manage ok with Brisa. :) x
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