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  • Hi Tina,
    Just wanted to wish you & your family (not forgetting Buster) a very Happy Christmas & New Year
    X Michelle
    Hi Tina. Thanks for your message. Im relatively new to the forum so didnt no you could send messages and request friends and its taken me ages to find it again hence the late reply!!! Im a little outside Guildford in one of the villages but quite near, maybe we'll catch up one day :) x
    Thanks for getting back so quick Tina,
    Your going to need a bigger wall for all your certificates....x

    Do you use different sizes or all the same?
    Is it the clear ones you tend to use most & How many do you think I need?
    Sorry to ask soooo many questions, just want to be prepared.
    X Michelle
    Hi Tina,
    Hope your Shellac course went well, did you learn loads from it?
    Hope it wasn't too much of a nightmare getting there.

    Just wondering where you get your crystals from?
    I have a client who thinks she would like them...... on all 10 nails (gulp!)
    What do you think I should charge her & any idea how long I should book out?
    X Michelle
    Hi hun, was just looking at your beauty set up pictures on the thread and saw you had framed the solar oil poster. Could you tell me where you found the black frame, I'm looking for one and can't seem to find one big enough. Argh.

    Your room looks fab btw, absolutely love it! x
    Hi I just saw the pics of your room, it looks lovely could you tell me where you got your bck frames for your creative posters and also your nail desk looks fab too was wondering where that's from too xx
    You are most welcomed Tina... It was a pleasure teaching you.. Thank you so much.. xxx
    Thankyou for the nice message, I try hard and still have a way to go so appreciate the nice comment :) You too have some lovely nails in your album xx
    Hi Tina.
    How you doing?
    Hope Buster is getting better. We are fostering a very cute 8 month old chocolate Labrador from the labrador-lifeline trust.

    The owners had been walking him for 3 hours at a time, he started limping so they took him to the vet who said he only should have 15 mins & may need an operation- they asked the vet to put him down!!!
    Fortunately for Levi the vet refused, & he was given to the labrador-lifeline Trust.....so we are fostering him till they can find him a new home.

    He is sooo cute & gets on with our 2 dogs & cat really well.
    Hi Tina,
    Did you manage to find out about your curette?
    I am looking for the one that has the little scoop out of the end but don't remember it being bent at one end.

    X Michelle
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