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  • Hi Tina,
    Wow, Gary said I live nails...now I think I believe him.
    I think because my lap top is set up in the kitchen I keep coming back to it with my tea & biscuits.....now I know why know why I have put on 8 lbs!

    Hum 12 colours.....

    1. Gossip Girl (bright pink)
    2.Stand Out(blue red)
    3.Red Roses(orange red)
    4.Rose Garden
    6.June Bride
    7.Good Gossip(glittery red)
    8. Rendezvous
    10.Night Reflection or Deep Sea or Caution
    11.Midnight Caller (the one you had with June Bride) also looks good layered with Stand Out as it gives more depth.

    You have much younger,trendier clients than I do so you may want Tiger Blossom a really bright orange( although Passion which I haven't seen in real life) I'm told is more of a coral colour.

    I haven't got any of the new colours yet although I do like the look of Tutti Frutti & there are more Spring colours coming soon too.

    How are yours doing?
    Looking forward to seeing you on Wed.
    Oh, if you have any more empty pots don't throw them away.x
    x Michelle
    Oh, forgot to say, Bio Remover removes Gelish as the Gelish remover is much more expensive & works just the same.
    I would also get a pot of the Structure gel, & loads of their Top It Off .....x
    Hi Tina,
    I can't believe the Salon Services in Farnham is about to close at the end of this month....gutted! They are selling things off but the discount part was closed on the VAT free day only.

    Just painted mine with Deep Sea, a really dark blue & my client has just had it too.....it does seem to be true that if you wear a colour the clients then go for it too.

    Thanks for the update on yours, my first client today had hers on for 4 weeks & they still looked good, it does help when they respect them though!

    Look forward to seeing you soon
    x Michelle
    Hi Tina,

    Let me know what it is when you find out!!

    I work in Frimley and live in North Camp .. are you in the town?

    Jacqui xx
    Hey hun

    I will be doing nails just my own for a while :D Since we moved we just kind of want to take some time for ourselves i guess and do something together so we are going to both focus on our corals and marine tanks :D

    Hiya hon, hope your well and busy! Just spotted your photo on bio page with the crystals - I have just bought some and put a few on one toe - I layed them in to UV Gel. Toe on one foot is fine on the other foot they have nearly all falled on :o) I just wondered how you do yours? Are they in gel? Do you put gel over the top? Thanks TLC. Fairchild x
    Hey! Thanks for the friend request!! Your work is gorgeous!! Also good call on the birthdays front ahaa xxxs
    Thx for the reply Tina, I will make sure I dont touch the adhesive!! Did you find you had to buff the Minx at all? I have tried without (as im worried it will scratch it), but it just seems wrong to me to apply Bio over such a shiny surface!! Maybe i will try on toes at it wont be that noticable I guess! xx
    Hi Tina

    Have you had any sucess with Bio over Minx? I havent really had much demand for Minx, but its now starting to boost a little, may give it go, just wondered what technique worked best for you?

    Donna xxx
    Hey :). Nice to meet you too lol. Just off to Lynn to bank will text you details forgot to mail them doh!!!! Xxxx
    Hi Tina, I got my lumos from S2 on Friday and was going to try it on me this weekend. That will be fun puting minx on my right hand - lol. At least it will be worth the effort ifI can put Bio over the top to prolong its life. Tonia xxx
    Thanks for the minx info on the bio group, I am desperately trying to find a way to apply minx for a longer lasting effect after spending a fortune on the Christmas designs. x
    Thanks, that really helps...I am not keen to offer acrylics, so will keep pushing the gels. I must say it seemed a bit contradictory to offer acrylic!

    Thanks again...You are a star
    I think they only ask for acrylics because thats all they know! When I tell them I only work in gel, but the result is the same they are fine with that. They all admit that what they really want is nail extensions in french and acrylic was the only way they knew how to get it.

    Of course if you are happy doing acrylic, then go for it, but for me, I hate the smell, the filing, the dust and I think sticking to gel helps me be a much better gel tech rather than an OK acrylic & gel one as I'm swapping systems all the time IYKWIM. It's really a personal choice, but maybe worth considering.
    Goodness, I'm probably the wrong person to ask about acrylic training. I did mine so long ago and hardly ever use it now. I'd give S2 a call and ask them what they need you to take. All the course formats have changed since I did it, but I can tell you that i went in at conversion level and found it hard work to get mix ration etc to start with. Given my time again, I probably would spend a litel more money and do a one-to-one first....familiarise myself with things a bit more. Mind you, given my taime again, i'd probably train in Brisa first instead, as no one wants acrylic here!!
    Glad you like it - I am really pleased. I did it with Ruth Mills and Carl (Verve) - Carl designed my logo and style and Ruth did all the website bits. I just supplied pictures and words and they did the magic.

    Where are you in Guildford? My mum lives in Guildford and it is my favourite place to shop!

    Good luck.
    Hi sweet,

    Yeah done it 22nd June - got an A!

    Have spoken to Nikki, she done her assessment last week and wanted a few tips and just a bit of reassurance really...she done great and got an A too!

    Della - bless her is struggling with time and practice.

    You will be fine - am positive of that, its not as bad as you think its gonna be!!!!
    Esther is really supportive and helps in any way she can...you are A class all the way!

    Have built up a really good clientèle and am booked solid for 3 weeks at a time. Still at it only part time but full time is looming soon.

    How you doing...any sign of babies yet?
    Who are you insured with, must get that done asap!
    Are you going to the Beauty show at Olympia 19th September...looks good.
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