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  • Hi hunny! Did u do ur assessment?? How did u get on? I'm not feeling v ready yet, mine is on 10th aug! :-( aghh! Have u spoken to anyone from our course? Sx
    Every one seems to be really nice.
    Assessment is 22nd July!! less than two weeks now, cant wait though am sure I will pass, wether i get an A though is a different matter...lol
    thing are really picking up now, am v busy, out most nights and saturdays - hoping to go full time in a few months and should be able to if I keep getting clients!! They all seem v happy with nails and keep coming back so must be doing something right.
    Hi hunny, I've finished my training as of yesterday! :), really enjoyed it and now feel I will have so many questions...at least we all have this website!! Our group was so lovely we were v lucky!! Did sculptures yesterday, I think they r ok... When's ur assessment? Sx
    Hi Sweet,
    Its great! I have learnt lots.
    You will be fine with the Manicure and gem application just follow Zingaras advice - what a font of knowledge!!!
    Me tooo cause I got next training days Mon & tues!!
    No 10 pinatage is really popular, as is light pink.
    Am charging £10 as a special ofer and £20 after, you will get faster it took me that long to a first but speed has really got better-thank god!
    I used to do that to soak off but it is soooo much quicker to file off top coats and soak fingers ina small bowl - I know you not meant to do this but is quicker for me.
    Nice to see you on here.
    Hi Hunny
    How u getting on? this website is so helpful eh?! I ordered a couple of new colours yesterday and the scuplting gel and uv gel top coat. Yay! Did a french on a friends sis yesterday. Its taking me almost 2 hrs ouch! I am charging £15 though as need to recoup some money. They seem happy to pay so thats good. I did read more about soaking off techniques and it is def better when you put 10 precut pieces of wonderwipe in a bowl of bio gel remover, then wrap in hairdressing foils. It lifted off much better and apparently much better for your hands. Less skin touching the chemicals. It only took 10 mins and bubbled off..perfect! I read all those tips on here! Any tips for me?? Sxx
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