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  • I had to use the pink masque because the clients nails were very damaged from applying and removing 'stick ons'. Lots of pieces of nail plate missing and torn from pulling them off without removing the glue properly! I hadn't used anything opaque before and didn't think about trying out the reverse application method until afterwards. Now I'm worried about what happens when she comes in for her infill.
    I have trained at college using nsi products. The pink masque is a coverage powder for extending the nail bed or mixing with one of the other pink powders to make them more opaque. When we used it in college it leaves lines from one zone to the next. I don't think it will be you causing this, it is just how the powder is.
    Hi, thanks for the friendship. I noticed you use NSI Attraction. I've just switched over to this and am still getting used to it. Used the Pink Masque for the first time on a client yesterday and had a few problems with ratio. Have you been on any NSI courses?
    that's good , i'm giving them a buzz on monday to get some info. let me know how u got on .
    hi belinda, i have gone back to using calgel tips which are full well the only reason being that the asian half well are sooo thin i kept over blending ! tip blending is not my thing and never has been, i have always struggled with blending, if i were you i would give them a go, there very reasonably priced so you wount lose alot if you dont like them xxx
    cooee hiya thanks for popping me on here aswell hun was trying to find ya on here xxx
    Mine has a 13w bulb and has never been a problem, but I wouldn't know about a 9w I'm afraid.
    Sorry I couldn't help. :hug:
    Which onedo you mean? The portable lamp or the slimline lamp...I just have the bulb it camewith.....if you mean the normal mushroom bayonette type bulb, mine was a 60w but I'm sure a higher wattage will be fine so long as you keep gels out of the way of it!
    Hi, do you mean my portable daylight lamp, as in, the one I use to see what I'm doing?
    I've got no idea re the bulb, not had to change it yet, bet I've tempted fate now lol
    Hi I've been on holiday so only just saw your message. I make sure to clean out the machine by blowing warm water through it after every tan then drying it. This is the reason the white tube comes out, so you can clean it. Just make sure it is pushed in and secure. I have never had this problem mine fits quite snug if I push it all the way in. Why don't you contact shadez I'm sure that she will help if there's a problem with your rubber disc. x
    hi wondering if you know of any websites that would show me how to design a flyer to advertise my mobile business that are free
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