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    Aww thank you so much for the link to the hot pink tunic :) That's great, I might have a sneaky order of one :) Thanks again :) x
    having passed in January your doing great :) The nails in critique only need a few swipes with a file to bring the sidewalls straight and even, in the photo the middle appears good, the others look slightly uneven- when you look at the sides its just not a straight line-but its minimal, as I say just a little filing!
    You should be pleased! xx
    Thanks for the rep hun, by the way, I use the same brush as you and I love it, best one I've found for me so far x
    Hi Hannah, sorry I've only just seen this message. Yes I did get the images. I rung sweet squared who gave me a lady's email address. I emailed her and she sent me a disc. My hubby uploaded them to my website and I got it checked by the lady via email then it was all done. Very easy. I will private message you her email addy later if you like. I will do it from the home comp wouldn't know where to start on the iPhone :) hope this helps

    Ive just seen your post about obtaining pictures for Shellac from S2. Im in the same position now for my web site & i was wondering how you got on with getting them.

    Did they supply you with some?

    Many Thanks

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