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    no, this has happened since applying the acrylic. BUT she says her thumbs do this ALL THE TIME!!! with or without acrylic and since she is a new client to me, i was very shocked when i saw it. i have no idea what it is, what to do and what to advise. she came in for a repair on another nail and...
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    omg im in 365 days of nail art!!!

    omg, i submitted a pic to the 365 days of nail art blog and im in it!!!! i never thought id get in! Day 58: Hand-painted Lotus Blossom Nails
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    So angry!...

    well this woman sound like a very unsecure person and her work is probably not that good which is why she wanted to check you out. she has doubts that her work is not up to scratch and that her clients will realise this once they see you your work. i know it doesnt seem like it, but this is...
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    Comment by 'aangel' in media 'my new nail art board'

    thanks hun, nail art has always been a passion of mine, i have been decorating my own nails for 10 yrs, just gotta get the enhancements right now lol
  11. orange "lotus" flowers

    orange "lotus" flowers

  12. lotus flicks

    lotus flicks

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    Comment by 'aangel' in media 'my xmas nails'

    its green glitter acrylic. i used it over the whole nail not just as a free edge (tip)
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    Nailclass book in UK with speedy P&P??

    do you not have a waterstones near you? or call wh smith to see if they have it in store. a couple of phone calls and im sure you will find one close by that you can go collect??? waterstones have it in at same price and it says 2-3 weeks if collection isnt an option. or what about the dreaded...