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    charges for nail art

    I look at the difficulty, time and materials used, and charge accordingly. My rate starts at 1,50 euro per nail, and goes up from there. greetz, Elly
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    Look At This!

    And me.....
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    russian nailart

    I've been decorating telephones for over a year now, and it's a great succes!
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    russian nailart

    Thank You!
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    russian nailart

    Surfing on the net i came across this russian site...... absolutely georgous nailarts.....makes your mouth water! Just click on several buttons and pictures will appear...(I don't speak russian so I just try) Have fun! Greetz, Elly
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    Why God created children

    I must have really upset god in a previous live...I have 7 children......
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    Carnival Kit

    Here in Holland we allready have the carnival kit and it's really absolutely gorgeous! My cotumers favourite color is the "french Quarter"a pink and very very glittery color! It's a beautyful kit! Greetz, Elly
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    Thoughts and Prayers are with you

    I would like to say that here in Holland, we are shocked and horrified at what happened in London yesterday.....What is the world coming to....and all in the name of so called "religion"! There can not be a God out there who can allow this kind of sick attacks against innocent people to happen...
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    Hello everyone!

    Thanx, I sure will!!
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    Sean's 1st Airbrushing!!

    WOW!! they look really great!! I don't do airbrush (yet) but I think he did a great job!!!! When is he going to do nails??????