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  • Hi just been looking at your albums the nails that you have done are amazing and your French is so perfect on shellac how do you get such perfect smile lines I'm struggling with that at the moment? X
    When I got in the queue it was a nightmare, so long but wasnt that bad I was watching the demos going on. So about half hour and was worth the wait. Im loving the new colours. Just need more glitter colours. Ax
    Ah thankyou! I was right at the front of the queue at the show, glad when i saw how long it got too! The stand was madness, you would be luck to spot anyone in all that! xx
    Hi Hun
    Its been quite bad here, no calls from ad and my ad looks really good. I have had a few comments on how good it looks, but so far have not earnt nothing from it. I have a few more clients from word of mouth or friends of friends but thats all. I think everyone is feeling the strain of it. I have a few people booked in before xmas and hope to get a few more clients in the new year. I hope so because I have paid alot of money for the advertising. I dont want loads of clients but just enough to keep me going. Sounds like you are really busy, how do you get your clients.

    Have a lovely christmas too and speak soon. Ax
    Hi hun,
    glad you enjoy doing nails now :) Did you get any new clients from your advertising? Fingers crossed you'll get loads, especially now before Christmas when everyone's getting their nails done!

    I'm not doing too bad, I guess it will only get busier now! Jan and Feb are always a bit slow but December definitely makes up for it!

    Take care and have a lovely christmas, keep in touch :)
    Hi hun,
    I'm not doing too bad thanks, most of the time I have no problem with Shellac, it seems to last well....
    I did french on my nails the other day though and was really pleased with the result, but I got a chip on it the very same day! Not sure why or how it happened, but it was a bit disheartening!
    Haven't tried using DD, how does it work exactly?
    The colours seem to be a lot easier to apply than french (obviously lol) so not really had any problems there, apart from a very slight wear at the free edge, which some people call 'chipping' :( even though it's not!

    I have found that doing all the layers really thinly helped a lot, so definitely worth having a go!
    don't give up hun, it just takes practice :) take care and let me know how you get on!
    Hello hunnie. I seem to be getting on ok, great feedback when i do get it. My main problems have been chipping when doing french's but i am sure i must do them too thick often but *touch wood* i've been really pleased with the last 3 French's i done so hopefully they stay good- they were all this week though so its a case of wait and see. I've been dreading hearing 'french' everytime i have a client but as i've been happy with the last couple hopefully that will be no more!
    I'm having no problems wearing it on myself. I have found the 'frosted' colours a little more challenging to paint well too but dont think i've had problems with them lasting.
    How about you, are you getting on better? Did you try changing your bulbs in the end? x
    I must have your full name before posting the vid. can you please edit your post and add it for me.
    sorry to hear you were having similar probs with ur efile, good to know you had no 'burning' probs when u used a better quality efile, I think mine defo a fake its the transparent blue so thanks for ur reply and its made me aware, now just to save up for a new one....:) xxx
    sorry I was meant to let you know - it's brilliant!! I haven't actually tried it over tips yet, just on natural nails (mine) and doing a couple more clients this week so hopefully they'll all love it!
    It's really easy, one thing I did find is that you have to apply really thin coats, otherwise it tends to run a bit but I guess that's the same with nail polish!
    I'm going to order some more colours soon, so far tried two and loved both of them! Well worth it I think :)
    I just got my shellac delivered, I went for the salon rack plus the lamp, wanted to get fedora too but it was out of stock....Will try it tonight and let you know how it looks!
    I wanted to sell some of my stuff too to make some money, where did you sell yours, ebay? Must do that soon..!
    Couldn't you have used the old brisa lamp with shellac? I thought it was the same...or did you just want brand new shiny one? :)) lol
    To be honest I don't find Minx to be very's great for feet in the summer but as it only lasts a few days on fingers, people get put off by that...This is where shellac comes in lol :)
    Wow, exactly like me then :) I bought the shellac kit last wk, after weeks and weeks of pondering....Loads of money to spend all at once withouth even seeing it, isn't it!? Hope it'll get delivered tomorrow so I can finally try it!! Been thinking about maybe just doing that and Minx, L&P is doing my head in at the moment! :)
    Will let you know what shellac's like soon!
    how are you getting on?
    Just seen your post about the CND shop in essex, wouldn't that be great :))
    sorry about the delay in answering your question about my nails but my pc has been acting up. The colour is queens park and the make is nails inc.

    Sorry Hun I obviously got a bit confused! Your still not far, I'm in stanford le hope near lakeside! Oh I get so annoyed with myself, sometimes I do a set and there great and then the next time I think their crap! I'm thinking of doing the creative conversion course for some extra help. Getting a nice shape is my biggest problem! Also my whites are always a good shape but I no my application is wrong which therefore isn't helping the shape! How are you getting on?x
    Hi hun
    Yeh Upministers not far from me at all!! Love this site! how are you getting on with your nails? My friends tell me I'm mad and doing a good job but I know there are lots of things I need to be doing better - I think Ive picked up some pretty bad habits too!!
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