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    Damaged nails?

    Sounds very painful and sore! Definitely leave them for now i'd say. Recommend her to use OPI nail envy to get them strong again. It is the best for strengthening nails! As well as regularly using a cuticle oil. Could also be worth her taking some kind of hair & nails vitamin supplement. Agree...
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    Help! Bad allergy & don't want to stop being a nail tech

    So sorry to hear that hun. Definitely worth getting tested - it might even be something other than the acrylic you're allergic to? I'd recommend trying something other than nitrile gloves too, just to be sure. Maybe try another type of disposable glove? Have you tried powdered vs non powdered...
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    Interesting - thanks for the recommendations. Will check these out
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    I'm definitely considering Olaplex training, it seems to have taken the world by storm - everyone and their mother is OBSESSED with it. Results seem amazing!
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    Faded peach/rose gold toner

    I've used a Bleach London box colour to achieve this previously on a client, as it was the best product I found when doing research. Just dont leave it on as long as you would if you wanted the hair to be bright peach.
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    Why does my colour fade so quickly?

    Actually shocking!! It's crazy seeing it like that. Like you think it'd happen gradually over time, blimey.
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    Baby pink fun colour

    This is exactly what ive done with a client of mine in the past. She's had SO many different colours over the yrs, but has stuck with pink for a fair while now (always crazy colour in marshmallow, highly recommend!) I even gave her a matching pair of pink nitrile gloves which she loved! (Got...