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    tunics from a fiver!!!

    I know this might sound really silly but could someone please tell me what the sizes are like from here cos I have put a load of stuff in the basket on the website but dont want to order it incase it doesn't fit - so can anyone who has ordered from them before tell me if the tunic's are...
  3. acwhiteh


    Hi guys - I am now 29 weeks and only got 8 weeks left at work - cant wait!!!! I've decided not to go back to work as I phoned ACAS up and they told me that as long as I give my boss 8 weeks notice I didnt have to go back to work and i wont have to pay any of my maternity leave back - this has...
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    Pregnancy Test - So disappointed

    I was like you when me and my partner first began to try - I did thousands of pregnancy tests - all of which were -ve!!! When I'd almost given up hope and actually began to think about something else I got a positive one and now I am 29 weeks pregnant!!!! It will happen but believe me the more...
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    paw prints on nails ... help

    I do think they look really good - it might just be because you have a french white and have done the paw prints in white thats all - dont forget if she only wants them on her smile line then you'd only have to do one on each nail - could be worse - she could request a picture on her dog on...
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    paw prints on nails ... help

    I think that they look really good although you might just want to put the 3 dots a bit closer to the big one IMO Clarexxx
  7. acwhiteh

    little question re insurance

    Im also with professional beauty and I asked them about this when I took out my policy - they said it was something like another £40 a year to cover your equipment in the car up to the value of £3000 I think they said - you then have to change your car ins to business class 1 rather than social...
  8. acwhiteh

    My Gallery Ever changing colour and styles

    I have to say that I like all the styles but I think your hair in 'April 2005' looked fab - hope you don't mind me commenting!!! Clare
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    I'm Pregnant!!!!

    I had a scan at 8 weeks and whilst I was there I was given a date for my dating scan but the midwife normally sends a letter to your hospital requesting a date for your scan and you'll get a letter through the post although I phoned the antenatal dep. for a date HTH's Clarexxx
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    sorry i haven't been in touch guys - been really busy and we had a upset a couple of weeks ago when i had to go into hospital but they did a swab (was awful) but thankfully the result was fine - got my final scan in 5 weeks and have my screening bloods done on Wednesday!!!! They have found out...
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    Blending Tips - whats your view?

    I only ever use tips as I am pants when I sculpt and it takes me too long. I do however do p&w over natural tips. most of the new clients I get have white tips as some never return (weddings, holidays etc.) but my regular clients begin with white tips and then I rebalance them with white l&p...
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    Had my first scan yesterday & I'm two months - we have decided to tell everyone cos it wasnt fair hiding it from people - have another scna in a month and then anotherat 20 weeks!!!! So glad I didn't have to have an internal!!!!
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    Just thought i'd let you no that widwife has just phoned me back - got my dating scan on Monday afternoon - just gotta try and get day off work now - thought I would let everyin no even tho not many people seem interested!!!!
  14. acwhiteh

    Plastic Spray bottles

    Naio also sell empty bottles but am not sure whether they are bigger then you require or not - try typing it in Google - there's no delivery charge if you spend over a £5 HTH's
  15. acwhiteh

    Men We Fancy - But Really Shouldn't

    Have to say I have had a secret crush on David Seaman since I was8!!!! Everyone thinks I am weird- especially since he cut his hair he looks fitter then normal!!!! Also love Paul Walker (he's in Skulls, Fast & Furious etc etc) Oh and Wesley Snipes - my fella always asked where he fits in cos...