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  • Hey babe hows u? Sorry I didnt text back yday my phone still aint letting me txt so thought id come on here send you a msg. Yeah i do remember them making planes with your money haha found one in my bag too haha.
    How was last night nice chinese? Did you get your holiday sorted? xx
    Ok thats cool babe ust let me lknow when u? Im not sure what martyns doing yet as he said he might not have a lesson tomorrow now.

    Not sure what we're doin this wkend yet going to the motorshow sun in london.
    U in bridge tonight or 2mora babe xxx
    i can find out later 4 you bout sat babe!!
    im ok, boss is in today and i have not 1 thing in all day? lol and nikki only has 2 things in

    but i was well busy lastnight!

    you out this week end at all? me and angela r out for a meal then off to bridge :)
    Hey babe hows work? Im just waiting for next client. God i still can hardly ever get on here it always goes onto the london aquarium website its really wierd.
    Did you find out bout sat yet babe xx
    Yh i could really do with another one. Oh dear bless ya why you been feeling down youive seen me twice in a wk is that the effect ive had on u lol.
    Yh i have been quite busy.
    Did you go to hemel xxxx
    i need ahol, i feel really down today and yest??.......... :-(
    u busy today? im steady today, so not as bad as yest

    Hey babe hows you? May be over your way tomorrow night you out and about? Yh i did wonder if that may be the case shame.
    Hows work today? Sorry only just replied xxxxxx
    Thats ok bubs, i enjoyed it aswell :) i told her that i could bring her over this week end and she said that steve prob would not come and she couldn.'t leave him so we'l see???

    you busy today? iv only had 1 body treatment in all day .
    Last i heard she was working at lister so dont even know if she stays at her mums anymore, ill have to get my mum to ask her mum when she sees
    yeah we defo still coming :) im really looking forward to it ya no.
    strawberry cocktail a!! cant wait lol dont kill me thou ha ha. perhaps when ya down ya mums and im off work we could call on her, c wats wat?! last i heard she stayed there during the week and goes to bf a wk end's!! xxx
    cant believe it took us so long we must be thick lol never mind weve done it now. im not a 100percent sure know theres us 4 rach, paul, ryan, alan,marie, nadia, les and poss holly and her bf and my other mate rachel who u dont know not sure who else. yh im sure ill get drunk lol havent for ages but will make some nice cocktails just you wait for this strawberry one i have in store for you lol. Yh would be nice but when my phone broke i lost her no unfortunately so i cant get in contact either xx
    goin into edit then aviater on the control pannel and upload a pic took long enough to work out lol xx
    Helloooo!!! Hows you today? Im so knackered after the weekend. Was good to see you sat night, you will have to bring your camera to the bbq so i can put them pics you took of us on my comp. Hows work? Ive been well busy xx
    Hey babe hows you how was your birthday? You will have to txt me and let me know bout sat coz hopefully ill be able to come after the wedding who else is coming? xx
    hi kell hope your ok? hope today goes ok and stay strong!

    cant believe its nearly my b day lol such a big kid ha ha xxx
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