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  • If they are close to the eye she would need to go to an advanced electrologist and get them to remove them, but she may be advised to get them done by a specialist via the doctor as this can be a tricky area. They may be caused by using too heavy a cream on the area, she should use a separate eye moisturiser and preferably in her case an eye gel. x
    I have at least one cleanser, moisturiser, mask etc for each skin type...get what you need to start off with then build up xxx
    ok babe, and like i said if you have a lil look on this thing and find out how we can change that horrid "?" then let me no! im getting off this as been on it for ages and wanna get throu my paper lol lots a love xx
    Ok thats cool i get it now haha im gonna go make my tea so will chat tomorrow if your gone when i come back xx
    Hey babe you found me hehe. Ok well ill see what happens about the party but do want you to come ill txt mat anyway. You got anyone on here i know xx
    I think Dermalogica is great and my clients love it! I personally use Eve Lom on myself as I am so lazy in taking make-up off etc that I find using just one thing is the best for me but unfortunately it's far too expensive to use Eve Lom on your!!! Dermalogica is the next best thing in my eyes. HTH hun xx
    thanks Louise, thats really helped! she is coming in soon so i'l find out a bit more about her skin then? hope your ok?
    do you work from home or in a salon? you been doing it many years?
    thanks again xx
    no iwas on hol so didnt get to go! really wanted to thou? do you no if there are any other shows coming up? and yes bank hol was hot and gorgeous lol i was on hol :)
    Hi Rachalle,

    I think you are right, it sounds like she has had oilier skin in the past or possible acne. You need to ask her more information about her view of her skin, has she had acne in the past? Does she get break outs? Does she see an oily shine on her skin? and if so does it appear early in the day or by the afternoon/evening?

    Also does her skin have open pores? The bumps show her skin is congested and she is probably causing it to be dehydrated through her cleansing routeen, do you know what she is using as home-care? As she has booked a course of facials she is obviously looking to invest in her skin so this is the perfect opportunity to retail some good products to her, exfoliation is key and home maintenance to support the salon treatments.

    Some people do stay oily as they get older and this is why good skin brands supply anti-aging creams that are water based not just thick oily creams that can cause milia. Good exfoliation will help to remove the bumps and allow moisturisers to be absorbed properly. Improving her home care will make a big difference x

    If the skin is sucking up moisture then it is definitely dehydrated. Did she come with make up on as cleansing the skin can disguise the oil production. She can be dehydrated and oily at the same time as the dehydration is a lack of water not oil.
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