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  • I'm back on SG after a long break and it just doesnt seem right without you here!xxx
    Hi Adele, Its getting to that time of year again that you don't like, shall I give you a clue?! The 'C' doubt you will have you little black book out by now writing all our names in it for mentioning the dreaded 'C'!!! I miss you Adele! xxx
    Just thought of you and felt like saying hi. Hope wherever you are, you see/hear us. <giant hugs and smoochies>
    God I cant believe it was a year ago in 21 days that you left us for that big posh garden with never emptying wine glasses in the sky. Still think of you often, have so much to tell you, can you believe it 'Dele, I did it, Im a EA for CND. Geek isn't the same without you sweetie miss you all the time. I hope you still have thse posh ciggies up there and you better be keeping that wine chilled. :hug: xxxx Oh by the way do you think you could have a word with the man upstairs and tell him to lay off the rain, its getting a bit beyond a joke now. xxxx
    Hi Adele, I got so much to tell you, so I will have a chat with you later xxx miss you loads, how is that black book any new entries yet????
    You were my last Visitor and one of the few people I used to talk to when I first joined here esp as you were only down the road! So sad to hear you have left this world. RIP x
    Aw sweetie, was just looking back through my 3d shoe tutorial and noticed that there were comments that I hadnt even seen and yours was one of them, I hope you are having a fabulous time wherever you may be, You will be glad not to be puting us all in your black book as its that time of year again. Miss you my friend always in my thoughts sending you hugs and kisses to your next life :hug: xxxxxxxx
    love you lovely lady xx thanks for everything you ever did for me xx which was sooo much more than you ever knew xx love to paul and alison and all your family, thank you guys for sharing this lovely lady with us geeks xxx
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