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  • That is awesome news - raise a glass for me!! I'm off to the Cross-Country day of Badminton Horse Trials on Sunday as part of my 40th birthday celebrations, so a good weekend will be had all round..... Enjoy the party as only you can :hug: xxx
    Hey Mrs..............just a quick hello from INverness...........and lots of love as always xxxxxxxxxxx
    Hey you...I haven't been geeking for a while but news travelled far my friend...
    I won't do mushy...but I will say you are the funniest person I have never met and I'm happy to be in your big black book, it's an honour :lol: and just incase I wasn't in it.... FELIZ NAVIDAD :wink2:
    No matter where your journey takes will be surrounded by laughter, friends and huge vats of good wine :hug:
    Now keep waving your black book at those pesky geeks you gorgeous woman!!! xxxxxxxxx
    :hug: :Love: :hug: :Love: :hug: :Love: :hug:
    Loads of love and hugs for you today Adele, as always, but more especially today xxxxxxx
    Good morning to you my dearest!! You sound quite chirpy the last few days ... the old feisty self coming to the fore!! :o) XXXX
    Thought as much :lol:

    And I never did get to love gel! When I finally feel that my l&p nails are consistently good I'll try to get on some courses and learn how to use gel properly.

    Shame you're not going to the Event. I'm still hovering over the decision. There seems to be a few training days coming up for various things and I can't justify the expense of doing all of them.

    I don't actually use CND for enhancements anymore, I switched to Nfu.oh which suits me much better but I still love their spa products and polishes.
    Hi Adele, I'm not sure if you remember me but I was the newbie who came to you a couple of years ago for tips on acrylic and powder. I was usuing OPI at the time and am now converting to CND. I am seriously considering the BRISA GEL course too and was wondering I could pay you to put a full set on me soon. Could you let me know how much and how long it would take to do the full set as I need to get childcare whilst I come to you. Hope you are well. Many Thanks, Claire
    Hi Adele, noticed you online, been a while since we spoke, how are you? Looking forward to the Event? anne xx
    Hello my wine lover friend...still try and get here from titme to time,just doing so much with teaching degree....but i still loves ya hun hope Paul is well too xxx
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