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    Combined course

    Hi all I’m looking for a combined course where they do skin peels, Dermaplaning and possibly microblading. Is there such a thing? I looked at doing the million dollar facial for the first 2 but I’m not sure I would ever sell any of those facials. It’s just not what I am interested in.
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    Facials advice

    Eve Taylor is ideal as it has a range that covers all skin conditions. If you are starting out it’s also very inexpensive and doesn’t have a huge minimum order. They do a fabulous range of facials including lip and eye treatments too plus you can also carry it over to body treatments if you go...
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    New radio frequency machine

    Thank you
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    Old electrical equipment

    Hi all, I have 3 machines that I wish to sell or get rid of as I am upgrading to newer equipment. These include an old microdermabrasion, an IPL and Medilift Machine. I just wanted to know if anyone has had any success in selling any of these older machines either for parts or for themselves...
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    New radio frequency machine

    Hi I’m looking to purchase a Radio Frequency machine and am a looking for any advice please. So far I’m interested in the SkinBase and the Venus Freeze. The guy from Venus stating that many of the others on the market “won’t be able to give the same results as not a proper aesthetic machine”...
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    Home based salon questions

    Hi all, If you work from home do you need to a change of usage from the council for the room you are using? Also do you need to pay business rates? Many Thanks
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    LED light therapy annoyance!