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    How are dip powder systems sanitary?

    I use Slickpour by Young Nails and it is a pour system - not a dip system and any leftover product is then disposed of - not returned to the pot - so the one I use is fine :)
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    Cutting cuticle area and lateral folds

    The only people licenced to cut skin are doctors and surgeons
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    Hema allergy

    Nail Perfect has a hema free range :)
  4. WIP Roses

    WIP Roses

  5. Snowman Feature Nail

    Snowman Feature Nail

  6. Reverse Sculpted Acrylics

    Reverse Sculpted Acrylics

  7. Red With Gold Feature

    Red With Gold Feature

  8. Red Gel Polish With Stamping

    Red Gel Polish With Stamping

  9. Purple Glitter Acrylics

    Purple Glitter Acrylics

  10. Pretty Pink Acrylics With Gel Polish

    Pretty Pink Acrylics With Gel Polish

  11. Plum Polish On Arcylics

    Plum Polish On Arcylics

  12. Negative Space & Swarovski Crystals

    Negative Space & Swarovski Crystals

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