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    Pro only site

    The Moderators would have to speak to that. No rules have changed, so it's up to them to continue maintaining what they feel is best in accordance with how things were ran.
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    Pro only site

    Yes! The community has not changed focus, if you see anything against the rules just let an Admin or Moderator know via Report and we will tackle it.
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    @AngieM - please fix broken link on weekly forum email

    Yea I need to investigate and have reached out via PM. Her link is missing a period but looking at the e-mail that was Sent, it's fine. So unsure yet what is going on.
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    @AngieM - please fix broken link on weekly forum email

    Can you copy/paste the unsubscribe URL here please so we can see it to understand why it's not working. Thanks!
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    Texas Laws?

    Yes, the site was transferred and now hosted in the US so that's why the TOS have been updated. We still have to adhere to GDPR though and host other UK/EU centric communities.