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  • Yes as far as im aware im sure it shows you how to do it in both gel and acrylic its the same principles for both i know that. x
    No you dont hun you should have the option on the card to do it in either gel or arcylic! xx
    Well done on passing your course. I have been away on hol to Egypt for two weeks so haven't done any nails. I haven't even opened my Gel or Maintenance course yet. I must get on with it....... I keep saying that.......! x
    So what ones next hun? I would get the maintenance one done next wont take long plus then you can crack on and start charging but that just my opinion!! xx
    Yer i waited about 8 days for mine in the end i emailed sarah to ask if she had marked it yet LOL i was impatient too!! xx
    Oh yer i remember now!! Well good luck hun keep me posted on how you do. You should here this week hopefully they are very quick xx
    Yer not to bad just wishing my results would hurry up LOL I did my nails today i did them using black acrylic!! I was pleased with the results piccy in my album! Have you finished your final card yet hun? xx
    Just been reading your post about our EN course. Couldn't help but noticing you are in Beds. I'm in Ampthill. I wonder how many of us are near eachother!?!xx
    Dont know really i would say anything over 14/20 maybe but that really is a guess hun im sure you will do fine hun and just think at least even if you did get low (you wont) you will know where to improve and can do really well on you whole hand card xx
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