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    Gel and Acrylic combo

    I am a acrylic fan, but have a few gel clients too. I never use any white gel for the permanent french....I do the white tip with acrylic and put the gel all over that. Most of my clients that wants gel have short nails and it is a problem keeping them short without filing on the gel in the...
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    Anybody online now????

    Need to know about this nail art thing....what must one use to paint all that funny flowers and stuff. I only know the striping and the little Rhinostoans. I am still busy to learn how to go about on this list....only use to beautytech message board. Adri Namibia
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    TIMING on full sets and rebalances

    I am new on this list...doing acrylics(CND) and Gel...To tell you the truth, I don't know what gel. The distributor in South Africa do not want to tell me the name, just call it their own name. I am however satified with it. It is not a soak off gel and I use three layers. Here in Namibia...