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  • That might be easier for me tbh...I came across the Carlton Institute while I was researching it all...would Bio accept a manicure certificate from The Carlton Institute? X
    Yeah my hubby will be in charge of the kids god help them lol :-/ I'm sure one of my friends will be able to help me out. Is it only the one day I need a model?? Thanks for answering all my questions lol x
    I'm hoping to book it this week for June... Yes I have read a few negative comments but I won't let them put me off... I.m thinking I may have to stop overnight when I do it close to the centre of clevedon?? The only real worry I have is finding a model for the assessment and getting them to Clevedon too...did u struggle with this?? Sorry for all the questions xx
    Hi, hope u don't mind me asking, where did u do your training. I live in Kingsteignton in Devon and am going to have to travel to Clevedon I think to do my training x
    Hey, ok hun, ive got my assessment on 15th april, did you find the assessment ok and was Kate helpful? x
    did my training in June and Exam in October. I didnt have a tunic so just wore own clothes. There was a mix of peeps like me and peeps in tunics. R u from a salon or just by self? x
    Thank you for your reply, how long have you been qualified and di you need to wear a tunic to the training ? x
    I know what you mean about working for very little I enjoy the nail art but I can get carried away and be there for ages but then dont like to charge that much extra! If you use the orly led lamp for bio too then it should make your bio quicker. I would say orly is definitely a long term treatment and not just for special occasions. On clients with good nails it can last 3 weeks or more.Maybe consider offering both if possible but put up your prices for bio sculpture. X
    Hi aimee. I have found Bio and Orly fx work well together.The orly gel polish is cheaper than bio gels so it works out cheaper to do a set of orly than bio. However certain items eg the remover and cuticle oil work out cheaper with bio so I use them for orly too with no problems.I have found that orly seemed to attract new customers as it was cheaper (£25for orly and £30 for Bio) and as it was a gel polish clients who were worried about having gel seemed to be happier to try this as they thought of it as similar to polish! It lasts well but not quite as long as bio. The orly should last 7 - 10 days but some clients get alot longer.I tend to get clients to try orly first as its cheaper then if they can go 3 weeks they tend to stick with orly as any longer and the regrowth is too big anyway. If they only get less than that and want it to last longer then I suggest swopping to bio. If the client needs extensions on some nails or has uneven nails then they go for bio. Also certain nail art effects can be done in bio but not orly.To sum up I love both orly and bio orly has some limitations as it is a gel polish but it is cheaper.Having Orly aswell has definitely increased my business .The orly led lamps works great with bio too xx
    I charge £20 for plain colour/clear, £22 for french or glitter. I then charge £40 for a full set-in the hope of putting people off as it takes me so long! x
    sorry not ignoring only have access today! Thanks for ur replies. I would think between 5-£8 a set is much more realistic. Bio on training himted it was under £3 but cant see how this is achieveable unless just 3 layers and using same files on everyone! Yuk! How do u find trolley bag-umming and aring as to getting one x
    Ok since my last text Ive finished doing my books for the year... Will relook through them but it looks to me that a set costs me £8 a set ??!! but I dont know how to minus from that the amount of gel stock I have actually left... I've added up my takings, minused my expenses and then divided things up by the amount of clients ive worked on... Obviously I have a lot of stock so I actually think £5 a set is probably very much about right... I know my figures would be much more different next year as this year Ive spent loads getting more colours & bought trolley bag & all manner of other tools/kit that I wouldnt have to get again this year ....
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