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    MUA in training, UK kit essentials please?

    Hi Guys.. Just mid MUA training and starting to build my kit. I don't want to spend a fortune in case things don't end up working out for me! Can you advise on any kit essentials for make up? The big brands keep coming up in my research.. Happy to stock a few of the higher end items but again...
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    Personally I wouldn't bother with the light... Bottles are expensive enough and I've yet to tan any one with light. I use light on myself as no one ever asks for it so im just trying to get rid of it TBH. If you feel you're client base may use light then go for it. Id advise two medium bottles...
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    Yeah im sure it would be fine? im not familiar with fakebake gun? If it says 'fake bake' on the side and this is your concern I wouldn't worry.. Clients never notice those kind of things. I searched for ages to find a good deal on my HVLP. Ended up getting one used on ebay for about £60 maybe...
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    Its amazing.. Beautiful colour and dries perfectly. I personally find its not particularly long lasting however. I don't have their gun and use my own HVLP machine. They have a youtube channel which might help with some of your questions about training?
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    Spray tan samples required ASAP!

    Due to unforeseen circumstances the tanning brand I use is unable to have stock in time of the solution I currently use. I am a mobile tanner and have a block of A LOT of appointments coming up.. Including tanning of two bridal parties. Wondering does anyone know where I could get samples of...
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    Thoughts please on LA Tan

    No probs :) I do reviews on my insta @ais.bronze if any of these may help x
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    Thoughts please on LA Tan

    For the price it’s amazing.. perfect if you’re starting out and are tending to use a little more solution. The initial colour I’ve found isn’t maybe as natural as some other more expensive tans I’ve used? However the fade I’ve found has been better and longer lasting than some of the more high...
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    How many mls

    In the beginning i used up to 150 ml [emoji85]! You will use less and less with practice. Min id use is 50ml but all depends on the body you are tanning. I have a pregnant client and i needed about 120 ml. My advice would be to try not to use as little as possible and focus more on giving an...
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    Client sweat under arms

    Never had this before! But two clients in the same week have had sweat in the underarm area during a spray tan. I advise no deodorant etc before tanning. I pat dry this area with a towel if I spot any before spraying. The perspiration affects the overall tan and marks this area. I try patting...
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    Getting seen on social media for mobile spray tanning

    Thanks [emoji8]
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    Getting seen on social media for mobile spray tanning

    Just started my instagram and Facebook as advertising for mobile spray tanning. Progress for getting myself out there is soo slow. I dont want to advertise on eg. Facebook marketplace as their is A LOT of £10 and even £5 tanners on this in my area! My instagram is @ais.bronze if any of yous...
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    Bottom section of hair turning copper/gold between colours, what is this?

    Hi there I have a brunette regular client. The bottom section of her hair always turns to a copper colour pretty fast after a colour.. sometimes it’s almost like gold if it’s been a long period between appointments. She swims a lot.. wears a cap but I always thought this must have something to...
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    ‘Tan doesn’t stick to me’ client, help

    Tanning a client soon.. she’s briefed me on her previous spray tan experiences. Essentially every spray tan shes ever had has been a disaster. Doesn’t ‘stick to her skin’ and ‘runs off her body’. I’m thinking that perhaps the gun was set too high? Or that shes moisturised before shes arrived...
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    Best clip in hair extensions?

    I’ve always recommended foxy locks seamless hair extensions for clients. Wondering if anyone knows of any that are good or of not better than foxy locks. (Preferably cheaper) Thanks.
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    Cheap/reasonably priced pop up tanning tent?

    Can you remember what it was called?