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  • To avoid any future confusion, may I please ask you to update your Profile to indicate what kind of Salon Pro you are please, ie. nails, skin, hair etc. Thank you.
    Well, I think if you go to the group page and in the menu bar above the threads, on the right hand side, there is a button with drop down menu of "group tools". There should be a selection to "subscribe to this group". I hope that will do it for you!
    Right, Shellac is zero buffing. If anything left on the nails after soaking, one of the following happened: base & product applied too thickly (soak a tad longer and apply thinner next time), insufficient acetone used, not left long enough. Hth's
    OMG was so long ago that I did my test run... hmmmm was a coloured gel from nailite that was in a pot (not same as their newer one that I haven't tried yet), the ones from outerimages (too thick.... and didn't remove as easily), eco (same problem), the one by IBD gelac (YUCK! chips!!), ummm can't remember the others..I can see the container in my head, but I tossed them in the garbage... I love Shellac... worth every penny and super easy to remove.
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