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    Advice on how to treat these nails

    Could anyone please advise me on best treatment on these nails. Also any reasons that could have caused this damage. They are very dry and cracked, been treated weekly with IBX and solar oil for the last month. Shellac has not been used and not sure when it would be ok to start using shellac again.
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    Half moon glitter manicure

    I have seen these recently and love them. I have tried to recreate them on color pops before attempting on my own nails. They don't look right, can anyone give me any tips. I have done full rock stars including top coat then colour coat and carve out then cure. Do you need to do 2 colour coats...
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    Removing Shellac from very dry nails?

    Could anyone advise me please on how to make nails smooth before applying Shellac. At the moment my own nails are really dry, could this make removing Shellac more difficult? It takes ages trying to get it off and they are left with delamination and so dry. At the moment I apply solar oil at...
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    Advise on using daylight magnifying lamp

    Is there no one using one? X
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    Advise on using daylight magnifying lamp

    I am using a Daylight Naturlight Magnifying Lamp bought from Ellisons. Does anyone else use this? I find it fabulous for seeing what Iam doing, but just had a thought that this could be the reason for finding during application Shellac is harder to work with ie brush not fanning out and Shellac...
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    Buffing before Shellac?

    Iam thinking because the nail plate is not smooth it is taking more base coat to cover the nail and maybe that's why it's not coming off cleanly. So should it just be done again with fresh d.solve until it comes away?
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    Buffing before Shellac?

    Sorry yes I do leave for 15 mins when using smoothing gel. Should it be left on for longer than 10 if it's just shellac for easier removal. I remember at training that it starts to harden again if left on for longer than the 10 mins. How smooth should nail plate be before reapplying?
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    Buffing before Shellac?

    Is it ok to buff nails before applying shellac? After removal the nail plate is never smooth. I know that buffing should not be required. Iam getting so frustrated with my own nails because I do buff them but it can't be doing them any good. I have applied IBX twice and smoothing gel but it...
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    I have the pink one can anyone tell me how much pressure to put and should you just file in one direction. To be honest I have only used it on myself so far because it seems quite fierce.
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    Problem toenail

    Can anyone advise on this please? Would you do a service on it or advise seeking medical advice? Thanks
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    Ombre nails

    You nails look great. Thankyou I will give them another try.
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    Ombre nails

    Had a go on my own nails doing ombre using just nail Polish did not turn out very good. :( I did a base coat then applied three colours onto sponge then rolled the sponge over the nail. I did it a few times to build it up then 2 top coats as it wasn't very smooth with just 1. Would appreciate...
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    Top coat on rockstar nails?

    I do clearly pink then top coat x
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    Shellac removal service

    Thankyou that's great just wasn't sure whether to do cuticle work or not but I will keep it quick and simple. :biggrin: