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  • Hi Jolicatellas,

    I have just the one 3 n a half yr old for now...I have my business set up downstairs in my home, so I am able to enjoy the two things I love most! (not forgetting the husband) :)

    Im open by appointment only so its much easier to time manage, and when I do have clients my daughter will be down stairs in the reception area with her portable DVD player and colouring books etc keeping herself entertained!

    x x
    Hi there akaza,
    I see you have a baby girl... how do you manage family and work? Do you just have the one little one?
    Jodi :)
    hey! just read your history with IBD. idid anibd gel course, please could you tell me, is thereanother way to do french with the overlay, we were taught ....pink TO the smile line then white on smile, clear to finish. is it ok to do clear base THEN white on top etc. ? or is that a silly question! a nail novice after 20 years in hairdressing! thanks x
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