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  • hey alan i thought id leave u a msg on here aswell WELL DONE!!!!!!! lol i was nakered last nite ma lil peepers was closing while chattin to you!! hope your ok today
    spk later

    :lol: that's exactly what I mean... it's a slippery slope from now on Alan, it will be one learning curve after the other. Wish you lots of luck and I'm sure you'll be a success :)
    Your more than welcome hun you deserve it, I hope your well pleased with yourself you should be 100% is brilliant xxx

    yeh the bandage comes off tomorrow i cant wait its driving me crazy!!! lol

    oOo bet it looks well nice im going to do mine after ive sorted all this with my ears out....itll be battle of the blondes! lol

    i bet it looks so much better platinum....yeh just wack loads of conditioner on ur hair u heard of osmo deep repair mask? thats pretty gd get some of that nd use olive oil nd lavendar oil aswell soon get your hair looking shiny and healthy again!

    tlk soon hun x
    YAY!!!! well done hun told you ud pass ur a brain box! lol

    thats typical always something that gets in the way

    should be good pitty you dont live down near me i could do with a pampering lol :p

    cant w8 till i have this bandage off i had a rubbish nights sleep ONCE again! doing my head in and im becoming a unhappy lil bunni lol

    cant w8 2 chat 2 ya hun tek care nd well done once again :)

    hey alan u aint online =( well bored cos you aint luck with your nail exam 2nite hun you will be fine!!!!

    hey hun has ma operation yesterday ma ears are really throbbing 2day and im dosed up on pain killers which aint realy doing **** for me! lol i got a huge crash helmet looking bandage on i look a right muppet!

    alannnnn!!!! how are you?

    i phoned EN up 2day but still havent got enough yet waiting for the other £30 to go in my bank then i should be able to afford to enrol! cant wait hehe :p

    take care hun x
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