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    To all beauticians, foundation question

    On All my bridal clients (depending on skin type) I use Chanel perfection lumiere. It photographs beautifully and doesn't move an inch all day, coverage can be built but isn't heavy at all! Hope that helps!
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    Make-up not lasting

    I find that with 90 percent of clients who's makeup doesn't last that the problem is lack of hydration! If your skin is dehydrated your makeup will never last... I would use a nice hydrating day moisturiser and maybe even a richer night cream! On my clients I use primer but on myself I don't...
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    MAC lustre drops replacement product?

    Another vote for Chanel! Lovely product! :) x
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    My local capital has all the opi gel colours and offers courses too! I'm always tempted when I'm in! :)
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    Instagram - please follow

    Mines is Alantaitmakeup I love Instagram! EDIT: beware of the selfies/photos of lunch etc
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    Foundations for kit

    Hello! In my kit I have a a lot if different brands, however I find myself reaching for Chanel perfection lumiere on most people, and doublewear maximum coverage foundation by Estée lauder is the best concealer ever! Because your studying I wouldn't go out and buy Chanel... Something like mac...
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    hello yvonne! how are you?

    hello yvonne! how are you?
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    im in cumbernauld, :) you? x

    im in cumbernauld, :) you? x
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    thankyou for adding me! :) x

    thankyou for adding me! :) x