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    26” inch + weave suppliers

    Hair envy boutique.
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    Hair extensions - smaller companies

    Send me a message
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    Hair extensions - smaller companies

    Hello all, I am looking for smaller hair extension companies to team up with. I'm looking for a new supplier and I'd like to build a working relationship with a smaller company. Unfortunately Google doesn't turn up much so if you k ow of any please let me know
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    White blonde extensions

    Euphoria one
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    Insurance for hair extensions

    I am with simply business too
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    never used it however does look good. Please if you want to do hair extensions, don't learn online. Find out courses near you, there are lots now and go to it in person. There's only so much you can learn online and you can't ask questions etc
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    Hair extension supplier recommendations

    I emailed in today and was told that trade accounts are closed at the moment.?
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    Sway hair

    I really like it, I've only tried the classic range but good pricing customer service and the haircare is good
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    Hair extension supplier recommendations

    Euphoria one, sway
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    Grade 8A&9A double drawn pure Russian hair suppliers

    Really good Russian hair is going to be really pricey. Routes do Russian hair
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    Curly blow dry help

    You need to create the curl with the brush before rolling it up to set. If your just blowdrying then rolling the brush that won't be enough. When blowdrying your creating a new shape in the hair and you have to use a lot of tension to do so.
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    POS systems, which is best for a small salon?

    Schedul is amazing
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    Business banking

    I use coconut, its brilliant does your taxes for you. Use my link below and I believe you get £10 I've been using Coconut for my business banking and accounting. Use my invite link and try it out: Alana
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    Hairdressing qualification

    Hello everyone. Hope someone is able to help! I done an apprenticeship in hairdressing around 9 years ago but had to leave the salon before I completed it. (I missed two modules, one for sales and another theory based) I have all my colouring/cutting/styling/H&S etc I emailed city and guilds...
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    Hair extensions

    Euphoria one, routes, sway